The Trojan Network

February 22, 2017
• by
Naomi Toux-Kidane
The Trojan Network (or, as it is commonly referred to: The Trojan Family) is made up of USC alumni who are engaged in assisting to provide career related information to students. Many have argued that the Trojan Network is USC’s greatest asset! This is because USC alumni form a very close and supportive community. This connection is an incredible networking and mentorship resource for students. The USC Marshall School of Business alone has over 75,000 alumni in more than 85 countries around the globe and there are over 300,000 for the entire school. There are numerous networking benefits including: communicating your professional expertise and goals, increasing your knowledge about industries and organizations, learning about new fields of interest, identifying opportunities, and establishing a relationship with Trojan alumni. The USC Trojan Network, USC Career Center and the USC Alumni Association all have LinkedIn groups made up of students, alumni and employers. Going to USC not only grants a world-class education, but it provides students with the tools to succeed in their careers and in life. Being a Trojan does not end after graduation, the Trojan Network is always there to support you throughout your future endeavors.