Marshall Academic Resources

Additional help for Marshall core courses.

Marshall Academic Resources include our Core Review Sessions and Cracking the Core workshop.  

Core Review Sessions are a supplement to classroom instruction and are led by Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) who assist students in understanding difficult concepts and building study skills and confidence in selected core course subjects. Core Review Sessions are currently offered for the following courses: ECON 351x, ECON 352x, BUAD 306, BUAD 310, and BUAD 311. Core Review Sessions are similar to group tutoring and most effective when students attend class regularly and actively engage in the process of thinking critically about the course content. Core Review Sessions will be conducted via Zoom for the  Spring 2021 Semester.  We are excited to announce that for Spring 2021, Breakout Study Rooms will be integrated during Review Sessions, allowing students to meet and form study groups with other students from the same course.

Cracking the Core was developed in consultation with faculty and is designed by PALs to help students review the necessary background knowledge and preparation required for success in ECON 351x and BUAD 310.

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