ExCEL Program

International Experiential Corporate Learning Program

May 2022 ExCEL Program Applications Now Available

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Open only for LInC/GLP/GSI and TIE students from Spring 2020, 2021 and 2022

An 8-day series of visits with international government, educational and business leaders for USC undergraduates to experience doing business under other economic systems

Program Learning Objectives

    ExCEL features meetings with executives of some of the top companies and businesses in major cities around the world as well as local and national government officials. The goal of the program is for students to meet with business leaders, not just from U.S. companies doing business outside of the U.S., but also joint ventures, and wholly nationally owned businesses. In doing so, the program hopes to:

    • Enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of international business.
      The program is focused on giving students a better understanding of the complexities of doing business under other economic systems, the scope of business opportunities, and the way U.S. companies operate outside the U.S.
    • Develop their appreciation of cultural differences.
      There is no better way to learn, feel, understand, and see cultural differences than to be immersed in the foreign country for a period of time.
    • Expose them to foreign business practices.
      A good amount of time is dedicated to taking students on company tours, multinational and local corporations, led by a general manager or executive.

    Past Trips

    Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE (March 2019) Visits included Emirates, Nervora/Vogue Arabia, CBRE, Mubadala, and Etisalat. See a sample schedule - Dubai/Abu Dhabi 2019 Schedule.

    London (March 2018) Focus on Brexit and its impact. Visits included Salesforce, Shell Oil,  Braintree (Paypal), London Metal Exchange, Q5 Consulting, Microsoft and  Double Negative Special Effects

    Milan and Florence, Italy (May 2017) Focus on fashion industry, including designers, manufacturers, retail, distributing and marketing/PR. Visit included Isaia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Manebi, Boemos (manufacturer of Tom Ford and Louboutin shoes) and laRinascente. 

    Yangon, Myanmar and Bangkok, Thailand (March 2017) Focus on comparison of 2 linked developing economies at different stages in development. Visits included- Lazada, Telenor (Myanmar), KBZ Bank, Carlsberg, City Mart, and Yoma Strategic.

    Hong Kong; Berlin, Germany; Manila, Philippines; Tel Aviv, Israel; Paris, France; Kuala Lumpur/Singapore; Panama City, Panama; Gabarone, Botswana; Istanbul, Turkey; Havana, Cuba; Rome and Milan, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden; Lima, Peru; Budapest, Hungary; Bangkok, Thailand; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China

    May 2022 Program 

    Program Details

    We are excited to be reviving the ExCEL program for May 2022. The program will be open only to those current Marshall and Leventhal students who were part of the TIE/LInC/GLP/GSI programs in 2020, 2021 as well as those currently enrolled in the LInC/GSI and TIE programs (2022). Students must already possess a passport which is valid until November 2022.

    Students will submit an application and rank their interest in the four May 2022 locations (Berlin, Madrid, London and Rome). Students will then be placed into one of the four locations (space permitting- each location will have no more than 30 students) based on their rankings and how they perform on the application.  

    Travel dates are May 13-22, 2022. 

    The programs are approximately 8-days (including travel time) and consist of a series of visits with government, educational and business leaders. The visitation schedule is often intense, with 3-4 company visits each day (Sample Schedule - Dubai/Abu Dhabi 2019 Schedule). Students will also be expected to complete research assignments, do company presentations, be prepared for all visits, as well as compete in a case-competition with a local institution.

    Travel After The Program

    Students who wish to extend their stay in Europe may do so. Students will need to arrange their own accommodations for the dates after the end of the program as well as flights home (all students will need to fly with the group to the assigned ExCEL destination) and will be responsible for costs outside of the program dates (transportation, food, lodging, flights, etc). There is no reduction in the program fee for students NOT returning with the group to Los Angeles. Students will need to provide a full-itinerary of where they will travel as well as when and return flight information 6 weeks prior to departure. Students requiring a visa to enter the EU/Shengen area will need to provide accommodation, flight and proof of funds covering the additional time they stay in country (we will provide proof of flight and accommodation for the program dates). Students may NOT depart the program earlier than 22nd. Additional details will be provided with the admission e-mail.



    ExCEL Berlin

    Berlin, Germany’s largest city, is a booming frontrunner of the country’s economy. Being at the center of Germany’s economic activities, Berlin is dominated by the service, communication technologies, and media industries. It is also attracted to creative technology as the German capital is the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world. Berlin has a vibrant international culture and is the hotspot for many innovative and economic breakthroughs in Germany and beyond. 



    ExCEL Madrid

    Madrid is Spain’s capital and home to one of the largest financial and economic sectors in Europe. This Spanish capital is also home to a number of international and Spanish businesses such as Santander and BBVA. Its fascinating history and cultural diversity invites a friendly, yet innovative atmosphere. Madrid is also home to an emerging start-up hub, as it brews for new technology, innovation, and creatives. 



    ExCEL Rome

    Italy’s capital, Rome, is home to many wonders of the world. In the midst of the city of Seven Hills is home to some of Europe’s largest services, high-technology, and banking industries. The Eternal City incorporates its artistic and rich heritage by embracing both its ancient histories and modern culture. Rome also headquarters three of the world’s largest companies and continues to thrive as one of the world’s tourist and fashion icons. 



    ExCEL London

    London, a historical hub blended with modernity and diversity, is the heart of Britain’s economy. This cosmopolitan city houses over half of the United Kingdom's top 100 listed companies and is one of the most renowned international financial centers of the world. In addition, London is also the core of the technology market in Europe, as both established and upcoming technology companies continue to thrive in this bustling city. 



    The cost of the program is $3500, this includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodation, airport transfers in country, breakfasts, lunches during visit days, scheduled cultural tour, and bus transportation and guide for the week. It does NOT include personal expenses, dinners or any possible visa expenses. (The program costs will be fee-billed to the students’ USC account for convenience.)

    We are offering a limited number of need-based scholarships for participants to pay up to 50% ($1750) of the program fees.

    Scholarship Application 

    ALL Marshall/Leventhal students are eligible to apply for a NEED BASED scholarship, no matter their financial or visa status. The scholarship results will be revealed before you need to commit to the program, so simply applying to this program does not mean you MUST participate.

    Students interested in a scholarship will mark the appropriate section on the ExCEL application (see below), and will then be prompted to answer additional questions as well as upload additional documentation. As part of the scholarship portion of the ExCEL application, students will be asked to upload a copy of either their Financial Aid Summary OR (for those who do NOT receive Financial Aid, including international students) a letter of financial need outlining their current financial situation as well as why they require the scholarship to participate in the program.

    Those receiving need-based financial Aid, you can access your Financial Aid Summary via MyUSC portal, under the Financial Aid tab, click on USC Fast, and then on Financial Aid Summary (if it will not let you download, try to print it and select print to pdf and save the pdf).

    Those who do not receive need-based financial aid or who receive very little (ie, small amount of loan funds, or a merit scholarship only) can write a Letter of Financial Need instead.  Letters should be as detailed as possible (your and/or your  family’s financial situation-income, financial obligations, etc, if there have been any recent changes, and why the scholarship is necessary for you to participate in the program). Please note: the scholarship committee will review all financial claims, so please be prepared to verify financial information and submit tax and other documents IF requested. 

    Without the Financial Aid Statement or Letter of Financial Need, your scholarship application will be considered incomplete, so be sure you have that document ready to upload IF you will be applying for a scholarship.

    All scholarship results will be revealed before you need to commit to the program. Scholarships will cover no more than 50% ($1750) of the program fee


    For May 2022, the program is only open to students who have participated in past LInC/GLP/GSI or TIE programs in which travel was suspended due to the pandemic (Spring 2020, 2021 and 2022) will be eligible to apply.  All applicants must have a minimum 2.75 GPA. There is no language requirement.

    Applications will be due by 11:59 pm March 1, 2022. Decisions will be released March 4th (admission and scholarship decisions will be released separately) and students need to confirm their participation by 11:59 pm March 13th (now would be a good time to discuss with your families).

    Students must have a passport which is valid until November 2022 in order to apply for the program. If your passport is not valid until November 2022, you will not be able to apply.

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