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Serving Undergraduate Marshall Students


Marshall Undergraduate Career Services seeks to enhance the Marshall experience by engaging students in activities designed to help them cultivate, plan for, and refine their professional development. We provide a variety of services to educate and empower students as they pursue internship and full-time opportunities. Those who actively participate in these programs, while establishing and achieving meaningful career goals, will maximize their opportunities for employment after graduation and position themselves for success in their future career endeavors.

We offer a variety of professional development resources. Students still exploring their options can attend Marshall Career Conference and various workshops or network with employers at our Recruiter Receptions. Mentorship opportunities are available through our Career Advantage Program (CAP).

The Impact of Marshall Career Services

Our goal is to provide students with many pathways to fulfilling educational and career goals. Combined with the unique Marshall curriculum, Marshall Undergraduate Career Services provides students with the resources necessary to succeed.
of students had at least one internship
had 1 internship
had 2 internships
had 3 or more internships


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Marshall Undergraduate Career Services
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