University of Southern California

Why Global Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain is no longer a domestic affair. The rapid globalization of commerce has resulted in the need for the industry to adapt to ever increasing demands. Thousands of supply chain jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of trained professionals. The Marshall school strives to bridge this talent gap with you. Our Master’s program represents an opportunity for you to do so through comprehensive, involved courses and competitive certification programs.

The Trojan Family

Globally recognized as the university with the highest number of international students, the Trojan Family spans worldwide and understands the importance of recognizing and being familiar with an international community. Whether online or residential, the MS in GSCM program will provide you the opportunity to discover new places, experience new cultures,and understand how the two combine to create a different business environment.

Upcoming Events

Informational session about Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management
This certification course includes a total of 16 instructional hours with sessions meeting on Saturday, November 8th and Saturday, November 15th from 9:00am to 5:30pm.
This course explores the causal relationship between the execution of global supply chain strategies and a company’s financial results.