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I was confident that I had the best business model and that I would work it until 16 Handles was No. 1 in the East Village.
The WBB is so selective, I never imagined that I would make the cut.
The MBV program exceeded my expectations in every way.
Education is how to fish, how to live your life, how to do business. Helping others to help themselves is the key.
These programs equip students with critical tools for career success in a shifting global economy.
2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the USC American Finance Association (AFA) Student Executive Dinner.

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Los Angeles, California  
After spending seven years in retail at Robinson May, Cecilia wanted to move up in the industry. A chance run-in with a Marshall alum convinced Cecilia that not obtaining an MBA at USC would be doing herself a disservice. Now, after gaining global business experiences in both Mexico City and Cuba through Marshall programs, and receiving a position as assistant product manager at Frito-Lay in Dallas, she has the confidence and skills to pursue her aspiration of developing a restaurant franchise.