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GSBA-580 The Global Context of Business

Shanghai airpost, spring 20089

GSBA-580 The Global Context of Business is a key component of the Marshall MBA experience and seeks to train students as global managers by allowing them to compare and contrast the U.S. business experience with that in other countries. With this course, students will greatly improve their awareness and understanding of economic, institutional, and cultural issues pertinent to global business.

Spanning the entire Spring semester of the first year MBA experience, GSBA-580 is a carefully sequenced and integrated learning experience that has three main components: common sessions, country-specific sessions and PRIME International Experience Learning.

A unique element of the course is PRIME International Experiential Learning, a required 10-day site visit overseas. Students visit selected companies, both domestic and multinational, and governmental institutions. Teams complete industry- and company-oriented recommendations in capstone projects that incorporate concepts from global strategy and global economics.

Current sites include*:

• Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan
• Hong Kong and Guangdong, China
• Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China
• Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China
• Hanoi, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand
• Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru

*PRIME destinations are subject to change each year.


"PRIME is one of those foundational and very influential trips that you’ll take in your life."

Marcus Sun

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