University of Southern California

Jenny Dare Paulin
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
Connecticut College
Santa Monica, CA

Previous Industry/Function: Hospitality / Restaurant Owner
Intended Industry/Function: Consulting / Strategy

Why did you choose Marshall?

Coming into to business school I had never written a resume, never used Excel, and never made a power point presentation. I was an actor. I opened a small business in Nicaragua. I managed to put together a few convincing applications, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my peers at a top school. I chose the program that offered me the greatest personal attention and the broadest resources to leverage my unique background into an entirely new field. P.s. Excel is amazing.

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

How hard it is. People told me it was going to be really hard. And I believed them. But my mind simply wasn’t capable of grasping the gravity of the concept. My classmate Jared Brenner-Goldstein calls it, “academic hazing.” And it’s for real folks. We won’t make you run around in your underwear and do keg stands (that’s optional), but the academics will stretch you in unimaginable ways. No matter how smart you are or how hard you work there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. I don’t think I have gotten a full night of sleep since the first day of orientation. But I have never ever had more fun in my entire life.

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:

Operations Management

Favorite USC Marshall experience:

USC GE Case Competition. The entire first year participates in an internal case competition held at USC and judged by executives from GE. It was inspiring to see all my classmates huddling in study rooms, in the courtyard, in hallways, brainstorming, working on power point slides, rehearsing their presentations. It’s so cool when people care. The best and the brightest at full throttle. I got to watch more than 200 really smart people work unimaginably hard to present innovative ideas to executives from one of the top 10 companies in the country. I was so proud to be a Trojan that day.

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

Take time off! And if you know you are lacking in any one subject, take a summer course or start reading some of the early textbook chapters before you get to school. They send out the reading list fairly early. What I would have given for just 8 extra hours of reading time in my first weeks of school.

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • Challenge for Charity
  • Graduate Women in Business
  • Leadership & Organization
  • Consulting & Strategy Club
  • Operations Management Club
  • Hospitality and Gaming Club
  • Outdoor Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Marshall Eatz