University of Southern California

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Class Profile

Our program is meeting the demands of the accounting profession by providing qualified graduates from diverse experiences and undergraduate majors. Students come from a variety of undergraduate institutions – domestic and international. Furthermore, some have work experience while others start the program immediately after completing their undergraduate degree.

Academic Profile

MAcc and MBT Admissions

Applicant Pool
Applications received 861
Percent admitted 25
Total enrolled 167
MAcc 125
MBT full-time 42
Academic Profile  
Average GPA


Average GMAT


Average TOEFL


Undergraduate Majors



Economics 16%
Business Administration/Finance 14%
Social Sciences/Humanities 11%
Other 9%
Female 55%
Male 45%
International 23%
Countries represented 14
Undergraduate schools represented 81
Students from outside of USC 79%

MAcc and MBT Employment

Domestic students placed 94%
International students placed 59%
Geographic Distribution
Southern California 63%
Northern California 17%
Eastern Region 10%
Other U.S. 8%
International 2%
Applications received 861
Percent admitted 25
Total enrolled 167
MAcc 125
MBT full-time 42
Starting Salaries
Average across cities, industries and experience levels $56K
High $95K
Low $46K

Marshall Spotlight

Not having a background in finance, Tony did not anticipate entering the world of accounting; however, an offer from accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers was too intriguing to pass up. What was even more surprising was that the one-year, intensive master's in accounting (MAcc) degree from the USC Leventhal School of Accounting was actually fun. "They teach us so much more than just accounting. It's a well-rounded program that really teaches you how to build, grow, and be successful in whatever endeavor you want to undertake."