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Financial Aid

Program Cost

Exact cost figures will be provided by the MBA.PM Program Office to students during the summer before classes begin. The approximate overall cost of the program is $108,000 (Note: Roughly half the overall costs are incurred in the first year of the program). Costs cover textbooks, classroom materials, parking, university fees, and lodging costs for the required international residential. Additional costs including some meal costs during the international residential will be the responsibility of the student.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni, corporations and interested individuals, several merit-based fellowships are awarded to USC Marshall MBA.PM students. The Admissions Committee bases fellowship award decisions on a range of criteria, including scholastic merit, leadership, work experience and other characteristics that add value to the academic and social atmosphere of USC Marshall. Additionally, many employers participate in tuition assistance programs and there are a number of loan options available for USC Marshall MBA.PM students.

Loans and Financial Aid

Please visit the USC Student Financial Aid website to inquire about Federal Stafford Loans and other loan options. Additional helpful links include:

USC Student Financial Services

Federal Stafford Loans

USC Tuition Payment Plan

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement

Sponsor Payments/Agency Billing