University of Southern California

Collaborative Nature

"One thing that was emphasized to me when I was looking at schools was the strong collaborative nature of the program. One of my professors said it best: we go to market together."

Stephanie Puentes

Program Snapshot

Who attends the Marshall Full-Time MBA program?
Women 30%
Men 70%
African-American & Hispanic/Latino 7%
Asian American 23%
International 26%
Domestic 74%

Meet us in person

Information Sessions and the MBA Ambassador Program are offered from October through April. Before you make any arrangements, be sure to contact the MBA Admissions Office to find out if the program of your choice will be available on the day(s) you plan to visit. To confirm availability and schedule your appointment, contact us at least one week in advance:

(213) 740-7846, or

When you arrive on campus, please check in at the MBA Admissions Office, Popovich Hall, Room 308.

Go here to find out more about visiting us.

Live @ Marshall

Marshall Student Blogs

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