University of Southern California

Class Profile

Our program is meeting the demands of the accounting profession by providing qualified graduates from diverse experiences and undergraduate majors.  Students come from a variety of undergraduate institutions - domestic and international.  Furthermore, some have work experience while others start the program immediately after completing their undergraduate degree.

Class of 2013

Enrollment 181
MAcc 131
MBT Full-time 50
Male 48%
Female 52%
International Students 19%
Countries Represented 9
Average Age 24
Age Range 20 – 34
GPA Average 3.5
GMAT Average 650
TOEFL Average (iBT) 109
Undergraduate Schools Represented 88
Students from outside of USC 78%
Undergraduate Major
Accounting 41%
Business Administration / Finance 23%
Social Sciences / Humanities 6%
Economics 19%
Other 11%

Data accurate as of 8/20/2013

Marshall Spotlight

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Jennifer was impressed and surprised by the lengths that faculty and staff at the Leventhal School of Accounting took to know and help their students. "They all know you by name," she said. "It doesn't matter what your background, if you're interested in accounting, they'll be sure you are prepared." Additionally, the faculty's professional expertise outside the curriculum was highly beneficial to her for both her career and her life.