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Daniel Mannheim joins the IBEAR program from Mannheim S.A., a family-owned, 50 year leading company specializing in automobile spare parts and components for the Chilean Market. Daniel has seven years of experience in product examination, marketing and sales boosted by several visits to suppliers, manufacturing facilities and auto shows around the world. He has created innovative ways to promote its products such as a professional rally car team that tests product quality in the research laboratory, and in extreme conditions. He is looking forward to achieve efficient management, team work and strategic investments to contribute in the company's future performance. Mr. Mannheim earned his Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Diego Portales in Chile. Upon graduation, Daniel intends to return to Mannheim S.A to accelerate the company's growth by exploring new business opportunities and acquisitions.



*Linshen Chen joins the IBEAR program from IGA, an entrepreneurial company innovatively positioned at the conjunction of digital marketing, social network service, and online games. Mr. Chen led efforts to establish the strategic partnerships with leading Chinese social network service companies and game developers and managed strategic accounts for his company. Prior to that, he worked in the investment banking industry at Roth Capital Partners, where he covered the Chinese Internet, media and technology companies. His early career experiences also included business development and research in the media industry and corporate finance in banking. Mr. Chen received his Bachelor's Degree of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He is interested in advancing his career in the Internet and media industry after graduation.

Naijun Chen is sponsored by TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd., the largest TV company in China and number three in TV shipment in the world. He has 15 years' experience in product development and management. He started his career as a hardware engineer, and moved to product development director in Research & Development Group. In this position Mr. Chen successfully led teams to develop many competitive products, and built the Smart TV applications team to integrate the resources of the Smart TV eco system. Mr. Chen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics from Xi'Dian University in China. Following IBEAR program, Mr. Chen intends to continue working with TCL Multimedia, and focuses on product management and operation in global market.

*Na Guo joins the IBEAR Program with nine years of professional experience specializing in pharmaceutical sales. Her most recent position was senior sales manager responsible for Beijing market in Bayer, one of the world's leading healthcare companies. She successfully led a high-performing team to build a strong customer base and achieve high sales growth in her product line. As a result, Ms. Guo was given the Best Coach Award by Bayer China. Before she took a management position, Ms. Guo worked as senior sales representative. She was national sales champion and was recognized twice as a member of High Performance Club by Bayer China. Prior to Bayer, she worked for Roche, another global healthcare company, first in the field of commerce and later in sales. Ms. Guo got her bachelor's degree majoring in Pediatric Medicine from Shanxi Medical University. After graduating from IBEAR, she plans to pursue a management position in U.S. in a multi-national pharmaceutical company.

*Jiangping (Jane) Li joins IBEAR with 16 years of solid experience in international cooperation and project management. She worked 10 years with UNESCO (United Nations Education, Cultural and Scientific Organization) and previously, six years with the Chinese Olympic Committee. As the National Program Officer for Culture at UNESCO's Beijing Office, she successfully led a large-scale multilateral joint program to support culture and development for ethnic minorities in western China. In 2013, Ms. Li took responsibility to organize UNESCO's milestone International Congress on Culture and Sustainable Development. Ms. Li earned a Master degree in Public Administration from Peking University and a Bachelor's degree in English from Beijing Language and Culture University. She chose the IBEAR program to broaden her capabilities. In the future, she intends to join global firms or non-profit organizations contribute her passion and expertise in cross cultural exchange, international cooperation as well as project management.

*Wei Wei comes to the IBEAR program with 13 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry in China. Recently, she worked as the group leader of the interview department for, the most popular movie portal site in China. One of her highest accomplishment was preparing and strategizing the interview with Oscar-winning director, Ang Li, for the movie Life of Pi which led into a deep discussion of the philosophy behind the making of the film. Before, she worked for newspapers and magazines. Throughout her career, she has built a wide range of connections in traditional media in China, including Harper's Bazaar China, Xin Min Night News Group. Wei earned her Bachelor's degree in Chinese Literature and Language from Fudan University. After IBEAR, she intends to continue her career in the entertainment industry, specifically in working with Hollywood studios to promote their films in China.

*Yukun (Michael) Yan has 12 years of experience in the field of information technology consulting, working in a global environment spanning four continents. As a service operations manager in Ataway Incorporated, a global I.T. consultancy firm headquartered in France, Mr.Yan has successfully established global finance system support operations with team members from China an Argentina to serve clients in Japan, France, and United States. With Ataway, he also led successful ERP system implementation projects and helped U.S. fortune 500 clients to transition into new systems and processes. Prior to Ataway, Mr. Yan worked for Bearingpoint, a similar consultancy firm; and QAD, a California based proprietary ERP package provider. Mr.Yan earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Science from East China Normal University. After IBEAR, Mr. Yan intends to pursue a strategic management position in high-tech/consulting firms or in IT organization of industrial corporations.

Feng (Sam) Zhang comes to the IBEAR program with seven years of experience in the cell phone and retail industry. He set up Pengcheng Trading Company in selling cell phone after graduation in 2004. At this position, he successfully led the company to become one of the leading cell phone companies in Beijing and expanded the business to Tianjin city. He was in charge of overseeing the entire business operation including shop placement, selection, contract, marketing and sales target achievement. The company had 14 physical stores in Beijing in 2012, with revenue over 30 million. Mr. Zhang earned his Bachelor's degree in computer science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. After graduation, he intends to pursue a management position focusing on retail business.

*Haina Zheng has been working in a sales and business role since he first started his career in 1999. He has experience in selling enterprise software such as ERP and SCM. His latest position was the East China sales director of Jawasoft. Mr. Zheng built the Shanghai branch from scratch and led his team to break into an extremely competitive market. In the first year of his tenure, Mr. Zheng successfully landed big account such as MSD, Novartis, and Sanofi-Aventis. After his three year service, he made the Shanghai branch the second most profitable office in the company. In 2005-2007, Mr. Zheng also had a brief experience of starting his own company. Mr. Zheng received a BA degree from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in 1999. He comes to IBEAR to hone all-rounded skills and gain insights from different perspective. After his MBA education, he hopes to join a promising startup company, using his experience and skills to help expand its business in China.

*Bowei (Jeff) Zhou has five years of experience in the automobile and chemical industries in Japan and in China. Most recently, Mr. Zhou worked as an engineer and project director at Rugao Leheng Chemical (RLC), a Chinese venture capital firm. In this position, he led team support for the company's primary product (PMDA)and R&D projects, was responsible for major customer wins, and led initial and additional sales of major client business within the Japanese and US markets. Prior to RLC, he worked as an engineer and project manager at Bosch Japan, a leading automotive company. In this capacity, he played a key role in solving and negotiating technique issues, and successfully managed multiple development projects in different regions globally(Japan, China, Germany). Mr. Zhou earned a Master's degree in Macro-Nano System Engineering at Nagoya University. Following IBEAR, Mr. Zhou intends to pursue an operations management position.



*Sandeep Deshbhratar comes to the IBEAR program with seven years of experience in the fields of Investment Banking, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Private Equity. Recently he worked for Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, an advisor to Tata Realty Initiatives Fund I valued at $700M. Prior to Tata Realty & Infrastructure Limited, Sandeep worked for Axis Bank, the third largest private bank in India in its investment Banking team advising corporates from various sectors such as hospitality, power, infrastructure and real estate on their fund-raising. Sandeep Deshbhratar earned a Masters in Management studies from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University. To leverage his experience in India, after graduating from the program, Sandeep Deshbhratar intends to pursue a career in strategy and corporate finance in an important global economic center.

*Rohit Gupta comes to the IBEAR program with seven years of experience in Strategy Consulting and Research across India, China, Europe and North America. He has significant expertise in Infrastructure, Energy and Telecom sectors through his project experience. Mr. Gupta joins from Hong Kong where he worked for MecIntelligence, a Danish consulting company, as their Business Development Head (APAC). Previously, Mr. Gupta worked for six years at Evalueserve, one of the world's largest Research and Analytics Company. He was Team Manager at their China and India office. He led and managed a team of 10 consultants/analysts and many multi-million dollar key accounts such as Cargill and Siemens in their projects related to business strategy, operational challenges and market entry. Mr. Gupta is an Electronics Engineer from Punjab University, India. Following MBA, he intends to join a global management consulting firm or the internal strategy division of a multinational company.

*Jaspinder Singh brings a unique background to the IBEAR program. He has seven years of experience in the Indian Army as well as government consulting industry. He earned his Bachelor's in Technology from NIT Calicut, India and Master's Certificate in Supply Chain from USC Marshall School of Business. He was most recently working with the Ministry of Urban Planning for Empowerment of Slum Dwellers in southern India where he helped the government provide basic amenities like water and electricity to 1800 families. During his military career spanning six years, he commanded a military post in a high altitude area (12,000 ft.) and led a special operations group. He has also served as an Operations Officer of Indian Army's biggest training facility where he supervised 60+ instructors responsible for training 900 recruits. He was decorated with three leadership excellence medals during his service. Following IBEAR, Mr. Singh intends to pursue a career in operations consulting.

*Sundeep Yadav has over nine years of experience in managing integrated marketing programs for financial services and retail companies. Recently, he worked as Group Lead-Marketing with Ameriprise Financial, where he helped launch its financial advisory and distribution business in India. He also independently handled marketing communications, digital marketing, analytics and consumer research initiatives. Additionally, Sundeep has expertise in working with cross-functional teams and managing outreach programs to help drive business revenue. Sundeep holds a post graduate diploma in Marketing from Symbiosis, India and a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from University of Lucknow, India. He has special interest in the areas of Sustainability Marketing, Bottom of the Pyramid markets and Financial Inclusion. Upon graduation, Sundeep wants to specialize in the area of market entry and growth strategy for consumer goods and financial services companies.


Taro Arakawa joins the IBEAR Program from Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (TMNF), a leading insurance company in Japan. He has eight years of experience in insurance product development. Most recently, he was responsible for leading improvements of earthquake insurance for victims of the 2011 earthquake in Japan. In this project, as a project leader, he collaborated with government officials, academics, consumer representatives, and other insurance companies. Previously, as a member of a sales department, he developed new relationships with many local companies and met annual sales goals three years in a row. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Tokyo. He is also a Certified Financial Planner. Following IBEAR, he plans to return to TMNF and work in Singapore as a local product manager. Then he assumes to direct TMNF's international operations at headquarters.

Soichiro Asaka comes to the IBEAR program with 10 years of experience in the marine products industry. He is sponsored by Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., the leading company of frozen food and marine products in Japan. First, Mr. Asaka worked in sales for B2B products in the Kyusyu and Okinawa areas for seven years. His sales result attracted directors and he was chosen as a secretary of the CEO. His main tasks were to prepare documents for the CEO to publish inside and outside the company, to make CEO's presentation materials, and as a candidate of future executive, to learn about the marine products industry and business administration and strategy. Mr. Asaka was born in Kenya and lived there for 18 years. He studied law of the sea in the international law course of Meiji University and he was also a captain of the official scuba diving club.

Sei Kishinami comes to the IBEAR MBA program with eight years of experience in IT development and management. Most recently he worked as a system analyst for Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), the leading provider of consulting service and system solutions for the financial industry in Japan. In this position, Mr. Kishinami successfully led international teams developing Equity Trading Systems and ensuring day-to-day, front-to-back equity business operation for a leading Japanese securities firm. Furthermore, he managed several projects that collaborated with overseas vendors to identify new technology for equity trading on Japan's Stock Exchange. Mr. Kishinami earned a Bachelor's degree in Environment and Information Studies from the Keio University. After graduation from the IBEAR MBA Program, he intends to pursue a career in financial IT services and make further contributions to NRI to help its global business development efforts.

Fumiaki Sawada is sponsored by Kanematsu Corporation, a Japanese trading firm. At the company, he established a new team consisting of international members in Tokyo, Dusseldorf, Munich, Shenzhen and Seoul, and contributed to the development of advanced materials used for lithium battery and the sales of the materials worldwide. Furthermore, by identifying a promising small company in Japan with new technology used for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and collaborating with members in the company, Mr. Sawada managed multiple projects and started exporting the materials to customers in Brazil, France and the United States. Mr. Sawada earned a Bachelor's degree in Applied Chemistry from Osaka City University. After completing the IBEAR program, he hopes to pursue a career as a venture capitalist at Kanematsu group.

Hiroaki Tadenuma joins the IBEAR program from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, where he has been in charge of agricultural management policies. Most recently, he was engaged in designing the direct payment system for farmers. This system was intended to compensate them for the gap between the cost to produce major crops such as rice, wheat and soy beans and the domestic price of these products in order to stabilize management of farmers. Before that, he also worked in the field of disaster response. He developed a government-funded, interest-free loan program to aid the agriculture, forestry and fishery businesses affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in March 2011. Mr. Tadenuma earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Waseda University and a Master's degree in Public Policy and Management from University of Southern California. Following IBEAR, Mr. Tadenuma will continue working for the Japanese government.

*Keishin Yamashita has a wide variety of work experience in finance, international trading and the food services industry. After graduating from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, he joined Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Co., Ltd., one of the biggest financing companies in Japan. Working in the Electronics Equipment Department, he arranged corporate leasing and project financing deals with semiconductor manufacturers located in Asian countries. He also propelled the sales of off-lease equipment and second-hand/refurbished equipment in the world market. After five years, he moved to New Zealand to launch a new start-up, Nova Food Franchise Ltd., producing and distributing Southern Maid Donuts. As a co-founder, he administered, managed, and operated one donut factory and four donut shops. Following IBEAR, he intends to pursue a career in international trading.



Jin Woo (Justin) Chung comes to the IBEAR program with more than nine years of professional experience at Korean Air. Recently he worked as Global Account Manager in the Cargo Business Division - as he achieved a milestone of sales performance in the air logistics industry. Also positioned as a delegate of SkyTeam Cargo Alliance, the largest cargo alliance in the world, Justin coordinated project task force of air cargo product development. His past experience in the air cargo industry (as operation & safety manager, market researcher, product development manager and technical instructor) has helped his company become one of the most prominent cargo airliners in the world. Mr. Chung earned his Bachelor's degree in business administration from Yonsei University. Following his graduation, he plans to return to Korean Air to serve in business intelligence and strategy.

Kyoung Man (Andrew) Kimjoins the IBEAR program from Dongkuk Steel Company, one of the major steel companies in South Korea. Mr. Kim built 13 years of working experience as an electrical engineer and completed several projects successfully: highly efficient energy system in steel making to reduce energy consumption. Recently Mr. Kim worked as a project manager of the Close Casting system, enhancing product quality and productivity. He contributed task force team to win the President Award in 37th National Quality Management Convention in 2011. He earned a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Yeungnam University. Following graduation from the IBEAR, Mr. Kim hopes to work in overseas department to sell products and promote company image. Finally, he wants to make further contributions to Dongkuk Steel Company so it can become one of the most competitive companies in the international market.

Sunoh Kimcomes to the IBEAR program with more than seven years of professional experience at Korean Air. Recently he worked as a manager in the Finance Division and managed foreign exchange trade and commodity derivative transactions, including spot/forward F/X dealing, swap and option. Also he introduced new financial techniques to Korean Air such as cross currency swap to reduce the volatility of both exchange rate and interest rate. His experience in the Financial Division has helped build the stable business environment for Korean Air. Mr. Kim earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics from Korea University. Upon graduating from IBEAR, he will return to Korean Air to serve in the Finance Division and business strategy department.

*Yoon Parkjoins the IBEAR program with 11 years of experience managing new product development and introduction of biotechnology products. Her product portfolio ranges from world-leading orthopedic implants to cutting edge single-use bioprocess systems. Throughout her various roles in R&D, Operations and Project Management, Yoon gained in-depth knowledge of drug and medical device development and regulatory submission processes. Most recently she worked at Merck Millipore and Stryker Orthopaedics as a senior project manager, where she was responsible for overall project plans including commercial plan, sourcing analysis, supplier development, resource allocation and risk management. Ms. Park is a certified PMP and holds a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselar Polytechnic Institute. Following IBEAR, Ms. Park intends to expand her role in the biotechnology field, leading the future growth by accurately assessing the full market potential of new technologies and business diversification opportunities through collaborative prospects with other industries.

*Sungjin Ryucomes to the IBEAR program with eight years of extensive experience in the automotive industry. Recently he worked as a design program manager in General Motors Korea, the leading international automotive company in the world. In this position Mr. Ryu successfully led design program teams developing major vehicles for Chevrolet, by managing resources, budget and deliverables. Furthermore, he also performed workload management enabling cost saving and resource efficiency in GM Korea. Prior to working in General Motors, he worked in the commercial advertisement field as a strategic planner specifically for newspaper advertising. Mr. Ryu earned a Bachelor's degree in visual design at Kyunghee University. Following IBEAR, Mr. Ryu intends to continue working in the manufacturing industry as a program manager focusing on product innovation and brand value.

*Jin Heon (Jason) Songcomes to the IBEAR program with 11 years of extensive experience in Shinhancard, the leading credit card company in Korea. Mr. Song successfully performed in managerial positions, setting corporate strategies for sales & budget, setting profit and loss plan, and evaluating each department's performance. Furthermore, he has participated in numerous internal, external projects and learned how to come up with optimal solutions through cooperation with various parties. Mr. Song earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Korea University. Following IBEAR, Mr. Song will join to his family business, a trading company in Korea. He also has a plan to establish some foreign branches in the US and in Asia to expand the business.

Soon Chul Sunjoins the IBEAR program from Korea Exchange Bank (KEB), the number one trade finance bank in Korea. He has worked for KEB for 12 years in various fields, including foreign direct investment, public relations, and the corporate banking division. He worked as a public relations officer, announcing annual/semiannual reports, releasing timely disclosures for major managerial matters, and holding conferences and meetings for principal Mass Media. As a Corporate Account Manager, he initiates Aircraft Finance at KEB, provided acquisition finance to a motor company, and delivered project finance for urban development. Mr. Sun holds a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Sogang University. After IBEAR, he will return to KEB to assist corporate customers to enter into the overseas market and expand their business by providing integrated banking solutions.

Seung Jik (Steve) Yangjoins the IBEAR program with sponsorship from S-OIL Corporation, one of the global oil refiners, bringing with him about seven years of extensive experience in administration. As a member of the Administration headquarters at S-OIL, he established various strategies to improve the general public's impression of the oil refining industry. In this position, he contributed to launching joint oil industrial fund of $ 100 million. Recently, he participated in organizing “Korea-Oil Producing Nations Exchange Program" to foster economic relations and natural resources diplomacy between Korea and oil producing countries. He earned a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Seoul National University in Korea. After IBEAR, he intends to be an overseas marketing strategist to pioneer the new market and to establish market strategies making the company the most profitable and sustainable refiner in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unsung Yun joins the IBEAR from Hana Bank, the leading commercial bank in Korea. He has worked for Hana Bank for 11 years in various fields from corporate marketing to risk management. As an assistant relationship manager , he engaged in marketing to business customers, and that in turn enabled him to hone organizational, communication and consulting skills. He also has worked as a senior manager of the project management team of the credit analysis department, which developed and modified loan policy of the bank. In 2012 he played a key role in the field loan inspection to take over Korean community bank in New York. Mr. Yun holds a Bachelor's degree in business administration from Korea University. After IBEAR, he will return to Hana Bank to help the company achieve its goal of becoming one of the world's top 50 financial groups.



*Rizwan Ahmed comes to the IBEAR program with 14 years of extensive experience in the financial industry mainly within Middle East and Pakistan. During his career, Rizwan has gained competency within the fields of private equity investing and related due diligence, financial modeling and equity valuation, credit analysis, investment banking and M&A transactions. Prior to joining IBEAR, he was a Senior Manager of Group Investments at National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait) managing direct investments equity portfolio of around $100 million and assisting the fixed income department (with a portfolio size of more than $2 billion) in undertaking credit assessment for new investments in bonds. Rizwan has done his BBA (Hons.) and MBA (majors in Finance) from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi and is also a CFA Charter holder. After completing the IBEAR MBA program, Rizwan intends to work for a financial consultancy company.



*Ana Lock joins the IBEAR program with a vast experience in international commercialization, controlling and trading. She worked eight years at the Peruvian branch of the Swiss based company Glencore International AG (now GlencoreXstrata, one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies). At the Minerals and Metals department, Ms. Lock successfully administrated contracts with some of the most important mines in Peru, and was the lead coordinator of the logistic and shipping operations of the mineral products. During her last three years at the company, she was designated controller/traffic manager of the commercial department, where she was responsible for implementing important improvements to enhance the team's efficiency. Ms. Lock earned her B.A. in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Following IBEAR, Ms. Lock intends to pursue a career in international business strategy, procurement and management consulting.



*Valentin Safta brings hands-on marketing and management expertise to the IBEAR program. Mr. Safta joins the class of 2014 from Tiriac Holdings, a top group of companies active in automotive trade, real estate, finance, sports, and aviation. Previously at Philip Morris International, he achieved significant results with a smaller marketing budget than the competition. Spending more than half of his 10-year career in management positions, Mr. Safta expertly managed cross-functional teams and deployed complex marketing campaigns involving national and international brands. He developed new distribution channels, streamlined the annual marketing budgets to generate considerable cost savings and successfully completed the repositioning and rebranding of Tiriac Holdings. This latest professional endeavor earned three global awards for excellence in brand transformation and consolidation. Mr. Safta earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University Politehnica of Bucharest. Following IBEAR, Mr. Safta aims to apply his extensive experience by taking on greater responsibilities in the global marketplace.



Chun-Hao (Wilson) Chang joins IBEAR program with nine years of bilingual work experience in consumer products, with assignments in the Asia Pacific region, Europe and North America. Before joining IBEAR, he worked six years at Intex Recreation Corp., a China-based multinational company that is globally the No.1 inflatable and above-ground pools manufacturer. At Intex, he managed numerous projects involving sales coordination, product development, consumer service, and call center operations. His notable successes include: establishment of the first English call center in Fujian, China; introduction of a new product line from scratch that exceeded first year goals; and rejuvenation of an existing product line that resulted in 15 and 20 percent sales increases in the first two years. Mr. Chang earned a B.E. in computer engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University, and is self-taught in CAD Engineering. Following IBEAR, he intends to work in the consumer products/electronics industry.

*Huang Shuo (Albert) Hsu comes to the IBEAR program with more than five years of experience as a research and development manager at PEGATRON, an independent spin off company from Asustek since 2010. While at Pegatron, he successfully led the software architecture team to design the hand-held devices in high demand globally. With his manufacturing and development knowledge, Huang Shuo and his team made significant contributions to business expansion by delivering prototypes used in computer exhibitions. Huang Shuo earned a Master's degree in computer and communication systems from the National Cheng Kung University, and a Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Fu Jen Catholic University. After graduation from USC, he intends to join the Hi-Tech firm for global product strategy and sales marketing.

*Man Chen (Caitlyn) Hung has 10 years' experience as a marketing planner focusing on the consumer electronics industry. Most recently, she worked for Samsung Taiwan as a product manager. In this role for Samsung, she improved Samsung TV sales in Taiwan, achieving growth of more than 10 times market share in three years. Prior to joining Samsung, she worked as a marketing communication specialist for Sony Taiwan. In this capacity, she positioned VAIO as a premium brand for Sony and created marketing ideas to lead consumer electronics innovations. Ms. Hung earned a Bachelor's degree in international business from National Taiwan University. After IBEAR, she intends to return to the global technology sector to bolster the Asian tech market.

*Tejen Kung joins the IBEAR program with 10 years of experience in the high-tech manufacturing industry. He has solid experience and knowledge in development, management and sales of communication products. Prior to IBEAR, Mr. Kung worked for Broadcom Inc., the leading provider of WiFi solutions, as Field Assistance Engineer (FAE). In this position, Mr. Kung successfully established a firm relationship with HTC and grasped more than 70% of the WiFi market share for HTC phones. As a result, he was awarded the best FAE of 2012 in Taiwan. In addition, Tejen has established proficient knowledge and skills in Research & Development, manufacturing processes and project management. In his career, he has already led many design teams in developing new products. Tejen earned both a Bachelor's degree of Mechanical Engineering and Master's degree of Communication Engineering from National Taiwan University. After IBEAR, Tejen intends to establish his business in high-tech industry.

*Po-Ya (Michelle) Lin joins the IBEAR program with a blend of corporate work experience. Ms. Lin began her career in regulatory affairs at L'Oreal, where she worked closely with Taiwan FDA on legal issues so as to ensure the company was in compliance with all regulations pertaining to their business. Ms. Lin then transitioned to Ace Pillar, a distributor of renowned brands in Asia, working as the General Manager Assistant. While working at Ace Pillar Tianjin, she led a cross-department team to streamline the channel management system and integrate marketing communication resources among regions and countries. Ms. Lin earned a Bachelor's degree in agriculture chemistry from National Taiwan University. She is a charter holder of project management professionals. Ms. Lin chose IBEAR to broaden her capabilities. Post IBEAR, she intends to focus on project management in Asia market.

*Wei-Ting Liu joins the IBEAR program with nine years working experience in R&D and management. As a Project Leader in HTC, Mr. Liu successfully led application software projects, and integrated the engineering department and the quality verification department to create the software to meet requirements of customers such as: AT&T and Verizon. Additionally, Mr. Liu analyzed the user experiences and the market trend to formulate design specifications, increasing HTC product revenues in Asia, Europe and United States. His projects helped HTC open the market and increase market share in China. Before HTC, Mr. Liu worked in VIA Technologies and focused on R&D in the mobile, chipset and multimedia department. Mr. Liu earned a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from National Sun Yat-sen University. Following IBEAR, Mr. Liu seeks a management position at a high-tech, internationally-focused company, and focuses on product marketing and strategy planning.

*Hsu Tse (Chris) Shih comes to the IBEAR program with five years of experience in the financial industry. Mr. Shih worked at Fubon Financial Holding, the leading commercial bank in Taiwan. In Futures Research Department, he provided customer service, market trend analysis and strategic consulting for institutional investors. After that, he was assigned to the newly developed Manage Futures Department where he responsible for all futures trading and strategy improvement. He also developed a thorough bookkeeping system and saved $100,000 on the purchase of a new system and $20,000 per year in maintenance. Recently, Mr. Shih worked at LuChang Equity Research as a research analyst. Mr. Shih earned his B.A. in finance from National Taiwan University. Following IBEAR, he intends to continue working in financial industry.


United States of America

*Hanan Awel joins the IBEAR program with eight years of work experience in finance, accounting, and music royalties. Shortly after earning her Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, she moved to London to pursue a banking career with Citigroup. During her time there, she analyzed credit risk and underwrote capital contributions for high net worth clients and corporate facilities for major international law firms. In 2007, Hanan moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles, CA and started working in the accounting and finance sectors of the entertainment industry. She has spent the last four years working for Warner Music Group where she managed the royalty accounts of some of today's leading recording artists. Upon graduating, Hanan intends to pursue a career in management consulting with a global firm.

*Alex Barrera joins IBEAR with seven years of business development, sales, and management experience in High-Technology at As the fourth employee hired in the Latin America division, he began his career developing business primarily with Latin American Fortune 500 companies. He was the youngest employee to be appointed to a management position in the company, building and managing the first business development team for Latin America. Mr. Barrera managed the division's small business market for both direct and indirect sales, and most recently was responsible for mid-market direct sales and relationships with key large companies in the region, while managing partners co-selling the product locally. A multicultural professional, Mr. Barrera is a graduate of The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, with a B.S. in Marketing. Following IBEAR, he intends to pursue a position as Managing Director of Business Development Latin America for a groundbreaking technology company.

*Justin Bomar joins the IBEAR program with over 6 years of experience in operations and project management in the high tech industry. For the last two years he worked as Finance Operations Manager at The Climate Corporation, a San Francisco start-up specializing in the use of big data to provide parametric weather insurance products to farmers. In this position he led the design and implementation of finance related processes and delivered highly automated and scalable solutions which fostered and sustained The Climate Corporation's rapid growth. Before joining The Climate Corporation, Mr. Bomar worked for five years as a finance operations analyst and project manager at Google where he was awarded Google's prestigious OC award. Mr. Bomar has a B.A. in History from the University of California, Berkeley. Following IBEAR Mr. Bomar intends to work for an international firm in a product management role.

*Kara Carrier has over 12 years of experience in proposal writing and professional services. Most recently she worked for Korn/Ferry International in the Leadership and Talent Consulting practice as a manager of its business development center of excellence. As a manager, she successfully directed a virtual team of proposal writers and expanded the range of services provided, which increased the success rate of multi-million dollar project bids. As a team member, she drove cross-functional, global business development efforts to help senior sellers establish and build upon client relationships. Ms. Carrier earned a Master's degree in arts administration from St. Mary's University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and English from Macalester College. After IBEAR, she hopes to pursue a career in human capital consulting.

*Peter Emile Desjardins has over ten years of experience in financial services and business development. He began his career by working in portfolio management at Morgan Stanley, however for the past five years he has provided executive compensation and corporate governance solutions to corporate issuers through proxy-adviser, “Institutional Shareholder Services." At ISS his primary responsibilities have been to educate board members on corporate governance best practices, to build and enhance ISS' alliances with its strategic partners, and to assist C-level executives in the designing of equity-based compensation programs. An American citizen by birth and education, he has lived in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, France, and Italy, and speaks both fluent French and Italian. In his free time he enjoys outdoor sporting activities and traveling, and was drawn to IBEAR because of its diverse student body and international focus. After graduation he hopes to continue working in Financial Services.

*Jon K. Faibvre has five years of experience in analytics and product implementation as a business operation and technical operation analyst for Time Warner Cable. In these positions, Jon worked on cross-functional projects with a focus of improving operational efficiency. In addition, he also performed cost-benefit analytics of new and existing projects to help determine the best opportunity for the company. After leaving Time Warner Cable in 2012, Jon became a full-time independent equality options trader. Jon earned his Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California. After graduation from the IBEAR program, Jon intends to work in financial services as an equity research analyst.

*Debraj Ghosh, PhD comes to the IBEAR program with six years of industry experience in both the medical device and solar energy sectors. Most recently he has worked as a Senior Materials Scientist at Enki Technology, a company providing best in class anti-reflective coatings for solar panel manufacturers. In this capacity, he led the chemical technology and fundamental process development of Enki's core product line. Additionally, he worked closely with the Enki sales department, serving as a technical liaison to prospective customers. Prior to Enki, Dr. Ghosh was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Following IBEAR, Dr. Ghosh will pursue opportunities in investment banking & venture capital.

*John Levy joins the IBEAR program from John M. Levy, Esq. He is an experienced attorney with a broad range of litigation and transactional experience, from helping an individual start a small business to serving as counsel on nationwide class action cases. As a litigator, he has first chair trial experience, and has argued in the Ohio Supreme Court. As a business counselor, he has handled significant employment matters, including negotiating noncompetition agreements, and Csuite contracts. He has particular interest in the health care, technology, and entertainment spaces, and after completing his MBA, he intends to function in both a business and legal capacity within a company. He holds a B.A. (economics) from the University of Vermont, and a J.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. He is admitted to practice law in California and Ohio.

Tasha McCauley is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Fellow Robots, a robotics company based at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, CA. After earning her B.A. from Bard College and a graduate certificate in robotics from Singularity University, her team started Fellow Robots with the goal of enhancing human experience by incorporating augmented reality into affordable consumer robots. Prior to founding this company, Tasha was on the faculty of Singularity University, where she taught students about rapidly accelerating technologies. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Ten to the Ninth Plus Foundation, an organization focused on empowering exponential technological change worldwide.

*Michelle Moreno comes to the IBEAR program with 11 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Recently she worked as a program associate with the California Community Foundation, the 7th largest community foundation in the country with an asset value of 1.24 billion dollars. In this position, Ms. Moreno successfully managed two large portfolios supporting art nonprofit organizations and artists in Los Angeles. Furthermore, she has traveled extensively throughout the world, visiting a total of 36 countries, and has lived and worked abroad in Melbourne, Australia. Ms. Moreno earned a Bachelor of Science degree in public policy and management from the University of Southern California. Following IBEAR, she intends to work as a business consultant promoting socially responsible business practices.

*Christopher Norqual joins IBEAR with more than eight years of experience as a product manager, marketer and entrepreneur. He is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SOMB, or "Shirt Off My Back," a California-inspired clothing brand that gives a school uniform to a child in Sub-Saharan Africa for each item sold. This venture follows six years at Easton-Bell Sports, where he managed a $50 million category as Director of Product Marketing. In this role, he led product lifecycles, structured go-to-market strategies and launched numerous new products, including the lightest performance hockey skate in the market and Easton's first protective helmet line. Mr. Norqual graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History from Amherst College. After graduating, he played professional hockey for the Stuttgart Wizards in Germany. Following the IBEAR program, he intends to pursue an operating role in private equity and focus on additional start-up opportunities.

*Yijung Peng joins the IBEAR program with more than 10 years of experience in software development and technology management in high-tech startups. Recently he worked as Project Technical Lead for Calix, a leading global provider of broadband communication systems. In this position, he led global engineering teams in China, India, and Canada to develop high speed and high reliability communication equipments that provide internet, voice, and video services to residential and business subscribers. The products he developed have been deployed to more than one million subscribers. Mr. Peng earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan. In addition, he holds Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certifications from PMI, and Certified ScrumMaster from Scrum Alliance. After completing the IBEAR program, he will pursue a Product and Business Strategy Manager position in a small to medium-sized high tech start-up firm.

*Lucas Romriell spent more than a decade doing business in Eastern Europe. He worked for investment banks and brokerages across the former Soviet Union, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. He helped build two of Ukraine's largest local investment banks, Concorde Capital and BG Capital, and raised more than $300 million in equity financing for Ukrainian and Georgian companies through private placements and IPOs. Recently, he took a break from investment banking to work on two private equity projects in infrastructure development and real estate. Lucas has traveled to more than 60 countries, holds a B.A. in Russian Studies from the University of Colorado, and believes IBEAR is a key step to furthering his career in international finance.

Rosemary Tsai joins the IBEAR program with a unique blend of experience in the fields of education and business. After teaching the 8th through 12th grade mathematics for five years, Ms. Tsai worked as a marketing manager for KPC Products, Inc., managing the firm's marketing strategy, forecasting inventory and sales, and building customer relationships. Due to her fluency in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English, Ms. Tsai trained international sales representatives as well as sales representatives from Taiwan about new over-the-counter products. She was also involved in the research and development of new products. Ms. Tsai earned a Master's degree in education from University of California-Santa Barbara and a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from University of California Davis. Upon graduation from IBEAR, Ms. Tsai plans to pursue a management career in finance or international marketing.

*Joseph (Joe) Tucker has 12 years of experience developing new materials, components and processes for hybrid electronic packages. He was last employed by Lilliputian Systems, where he played a key role in developing the world's first truly portable solid oxide fuel cell. His responsibilities at Lilliputian included front end package design, daily manufacturing operations and technology transfer to high volume manufacturing partners in Asia. Joe also has three years of technical sales experience. In his last sales position, he was responsible for increasing sales and managing representatives throughout the U.S and Mexico. After generating new business, he worked closely with international partners to maintain sales as customer products reached high volume manufacturing facilities. Mr. Tucker holds a Master's degree in Material Science and Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Following IBEAR, he intends to manage the development of new products that are expanding the possibilities of green technology.

*Cicely Washington PhD, has seven plus years of experience in the biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Most recently she has served as the Technical Leader of an Abbott service laboratory. In addition to managing the operations of the laboratory, Ms. Washington was the head project manager of a multi government site commercialization study. She has a Bachelor's degree from Brown University in Chemical Engineering, a Master of Engineering degree From Virginia Tech and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska. In addition to her experience at Abbott, she has also worked in academia and the government sector. After graduating from the IBEAR program Ms. Washington intends to join a global management firm focusing on corporate development in the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries.



*Daniel Barrios is partner and co-founder of Grupo Cresco, a small management-consulting firm established in 2009 that serves entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in the Venezuelan market, in the areas of strategy, management, human capital and accounting, among others. Before his four years of entrepreneurial experience, Daniel worked for three years in marketing and strategic planning positions in local and multinational consumer packaged goods corporations such as Cervecería Regional (second largest brewery in Venezuela), Coca-Cola Servicios de Venezuela (The Coca-Cola Co.) and Tabacalera Nacional (Philip Morris International). Mr. Barrios earned a Diploma in Consumer Psychology in 2012, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics in 2007 and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 2005 all from Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela. After completing the IBEAR MBA program, Daniel plans to return to Grupo Cresco or to start a career in the consumer or consulting industries in international markets.

*Self-sponsored participants available for employment in mid-July 2014.