University of Southern California

Recent Faculty Publications

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Wiltermuth, S. S., Tiedens, L. Z., and Neale, M. A. (2015) "The benefits of dominance complementarity in negotiations," Negotiation and Conflict Management Research.
Diehl, K., van Herpen, E., and Lamberton, C. P. (2015) "Organizing Products with Complements versus Substitutes: Effects on Effort, Assortment Perceptions and Store Preference," Journal of Retailing.
Pasztor, S. (2015) "The Gendered World of Work in the Good Life of Television.," Media Report to Women/Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (1972-87) and Communication Research Associates (1987-present), 43 (No. 1/Winter 2015).
Anicich, E. M., Swaab, R. I., and Galinsky, A. D. (2015) "Hierarchical cultural values predict success and mortality in high-stakes teams," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112 (5), 1338–1343.