University of Southern California

Spring 2015 Marketing Seminar Series

Seminars (Mondays & Fridays)

** Monday seminars are from 8:30am - 10:00am unless otherwise specified**
Friday seminars are from 9:00am – 10:30am unless otherwise specified

Seminar Schedule
Friday, 09/11/15 Elanor Williams
Starting Your Diet Tomorrow: People Believe They Will Have More Control Over the Future Than They Did Over the Past ACC 310 Prof. Gulden Ulkumen
** Monday, 09/14/15 Kate Barasz
Harvard University
Pseudo-Set Framing ACC 205 Prof. Stephanie Tully
Friday, 09/18/15 Alixandra Barasch
Univ. of Pennsylvania
The Other Side of Sharing: How Photo-Taking Goals Impact Evaluations of Experiences ACC 310 Prof. Joseph Nunes
  Friday, 09/25/15 Davide Proserpio
Boston University
The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Estimating the Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry ACC 310 Prof. Dina Mayzin
** Monday, 09/28/15 Seoungwoo Lee
Maryland University
Free, Paid, or Freemium: Dynamic Versioning Decisions for Mobile Apps ACC 205 Prof. Lan Luo
** Monday, 10/05/15 Raluca Ursu
Chicago University
The Power of Rankings: Quantifying the Effects of Rankings on Online Consumer Search and Choice ACC 205 Prof. Dina Mayzin
** Monday, 10/12/15 Gil Appel
Ben Gurion
How Digital Goods Grow? ACC 205 Prof. Gary Frazier
Friday, 10/16/15 Linda Hagen
Michigan University
Cater to Me: Being Served Food Encourages Unhealthy Eating by Lowering Consumers' Sense of Responsibility ACC 310 Prof. Kristin Diehl
** Monday, 10/19/15 Yanhao Wei
University of Pennsylvania
Imitation vs. Innovation: Product Similarity Network in the Motion Picture Industry ACC 205 Prof. Shantanu Dutta
** Monday, 10/26/15 Anna Tuchman
Stanford University
Advertising and Demand for Addictive Goods: The Effects of E-Cigarette Advertising ACC 205 Prof. Botao Yang
Friday, 10/30/15 Dinesh Puranam
Cornell University
The Impact of Market Disruption on Consumer Experience: When Uber Comes to Town ACC 310 Prof. Sha Yang
** Monday, 11/02/15 Daniella Kupor
Stanford University
Consumer, Interrupted ACC 205 Prof. Lisa Cavanaugh
** Monday, 11/09/15 Kinshuk Jerath
Columbia Business School
Incentive Contracting with Operational Considerations ACC 205 Prof. Shantanu Dutta

If you have questions or comments, please contact the following faculty member: Professor Dina Mayzlin or Ruth Joya Administrative Assistant. You may also contact the main Marketing Department office at (213) 740-5033.