University of Southern California

Fall 2016 Marketing Seminar Series

Seminars (Thursday and Fridays)

Friday seminars are from 9:30am – 11:00am unless otherwise specified

Seminar Schedule
Friday, 9/30/16 Navid Mojir
A Structural Model of Organizational Buying: Innovation Adoption with Share of Wallet Price Contracts ACC 303 Prof. Dinesh Puranam
Friday, 10/7/16 Shiri Melumad
The Distinct Psychology of Smartphone Usage ACC 303 Prof. Kristin Diehl
Friday, 10/14/16 Jia Liu
A Semantic Approach of Estimating Consumer Content Preferences from Online Search Queries ACC 303 Prof. Gil Appel
Friday, 11/4/16 Liye Ma
University of Maryland
Location, Selection and Influence in Mobile Environment ACC 303 Prof. Dina Mayzlin

Thursday, 11/10/16

Dan Walters
Known unknowns: A critical Determinant Confidence Calibration BRI 8 Prof. Stephanie Tully
Friday, 11/11/16 Eesha Sharma
A Penny Saved Is not a Penny Earned: When Decisions to Earn and Save Compete for Consumer Resources ACC 303 Prof. Gulden Ulkumen
Friday, 11/18/16 Andrey Simonov
Demand for (Un)Biased News:The Role of Government Control in Online News Markets ACC 303 Prof. Anthony Dukes

If you have questions or comments, please contact the following faculty member: Prof. Anthony Dukes or Doris Meunier Administrative Assistant. You may also contact the main Marketing Department office at (213) 740-5033.