University of Southern California


2014 (Fridays unless otherwise noted)

Seminars are from 11:00 AM to 12:30 unless otherwise specified.

Seminar Schedule 2014
Friday: February 7 Cristina Gibson (UCI) TBD TBD Peter Carnevale (OB)
Wednesday: February 12 Michael Morris (Columbia) TBD TCC 320 A Nate Fast (OB)
Friday: February 14 Margie Peteraf (Dartmouth) TBD TBD Victor Bennett; Sun Park (Strategy)
Friday: February 21 Miguel Unzueta (UCLA) TBD TBD Sarah Townsend (OB)
Friday: March 7 Gabriel Natividad (with FBE) TBD ACC 236 Nan Jia / Yanhui Wu (Strategy)
Friday: March 14 James Detert (Cornell) TBD ACC 236 Nate Fast (OB)
Wednesday: March 26 Jennifer Lerner (Harvard) TBD TCC 232 Peter Carnevale (OB)
Thursday: March 27 Damon Phillips (Columbia) TBD TCC 352 Victor Bennett (Strategy)
Friday, March 28 Katherine Phillips (Columbia) TBD ACC 303 Cheryl Wakslak (OB)
Friday: April 4 Gabriel Rossman (UCLA) Obfuscatory Relational Work and Disreputable Exchange ACC 303 Nan Jia / Kelly Patterson (Strategy)
Friday, April 11 Kurt Gray (UNC) Mind Perception and Morality ACC 303 Sarah Townsend (OB)
Friday: April 18 Joe Mahoney (UIUC) TBD ACC 303 Victor Bennett (Strategy)
Friday: April 25 Malia Mason (Columbia) TBD ACC 303 Scott Wiltermuth (OB)
Seminar Schedule 2013
Friday: September 6 David Sherman
(UC Santa Barbara)
Self-Affirmation: Understanding the Effects ACC 236 Peter Carnevale (OB)
Friday: September 20 Jordan Siegel (HBS) ACC 236 Nan Jia (Strategy)
Monday: September 30 Neil Fligstein (Berkeley Soc) Sucker Punched by the Invisible Hand ACC 236 Kelly Patterson (Strategy)
Friday: October 4 Ena Inesi (LBS) Bad Bosses: How Power Affects Responses to Kind Acts and Stymies Interpersonal Interactions ACC 236 Scott Wiltermuth (OB)
Wednesday: October 9 Leigh Tost (University of Michigan) When power makes others speechless: The effect of leader power on team decision making ACC 236 Nate Fast (OB)
Friday: October 18 Brian Wu (Michigan) ACC 236 Sun Park (Strategy)
Friday: October 25 Corinne Bendersky (UCLA) The downfall of extraverts and rise of neurotics: The dynamic process of status allocation in task groups ACC 236 Kelly Patterson (OB)
Friday: November 1 * The talk time is 2:00 to 3:30 p.m Heather Haveman (Berkeley OB) Place and Space: The evolving impact of geography on the number and identity of newly founded organizations ACC 305 Nan Jia; Paul Adler (Strategy)
Friday: November 8 Kathleen O'Connor (Cornell) ACC 236 Peter Kim (OB)
Friday: November 15 Evan Rawley (Columbia) ACC 236 Yong Paik (Strategy)
Tuesday: November 19 at 3:00 p.m. Scott Atran The Devoted Actor: An Alternative Framework for Existential Conflict and Decision Making Brain and Creativity Institute, Cammilleri Hall

If you have questions or comments, please contact (click on name) one of the following faculty members: Nan Jia, Scott Wiltermuth, Nathanael Fast, or Victor Bennett. You may also contact the main MOR department at 213.740.0728.