University of Southern California

Tyrone Callahan
Vice Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Professor of Clinical Finance and Business Economics

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0804

PhD Finance, MBA, UCLA; MS EE, UC- Berkeley; BS EE, University of Michigan


Ty Callahan is a finance scholar with interests that include the behavior of traders, market liquidity and volume, and mergers and acquisition. He has published papers in the Review of Futures Markets and the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Professor Callahan has served as an ad-hoc referee for the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Empirical Finance, and International Review of Finance. Before joining USC, he was on the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin.


Paulson, S. E., Fenske, J. D., Sen, A. D., and Callahan, T. W. (1999) "A Novel Small-Ratio Relative-Rate Technique for Measuring OH Formation Yields from the Reactions of 03 with Alkenes in the Gas Phase, and its Application to the Reactions of Ethene and Propene," Journal of Physical Chemistry, 103, 2050-2059.
Grunbichler, A., and Callahan, T. W. (1994) "Stock Index Futures Arbitrage in Germany: The Behavior of the DAX Index Futures Prices," The Review of Futures Markets, 13 (2).
Callahan, T. W., and et al, (1990) "A Strategy for Broadband ISDN Network Operations," IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium.