University of Southern California

Namesort icon Phone Department
Adler, Paul 213-740-0748 Management and Organization
Ahern, Kenneth 213-821-5583 Finance and Business Economics
Akbulut, Rahsan 213-740-1630 Finance and Business Economics
Allen, Eric 213-740-0007 Leventhal School of Accounting
Allen, Kathleen 213-740-0659 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Ansari, Arif 213-821-5521 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Aritz, Jolanta 213-821-5483 Center for Management Communication
Autry, Gregory -- Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Badame, Diane 213-740-5053 Marketing
Barcal, Jack 213-740-4874 Leventhal School of Accounting
Bassok, Yehuda 213-821-1140 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Bayiz, Murat 213-740-5618 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Beatty, Randolph 213-740-4828 Leventhal School of Accounting
Belz, Andrea 213-740-0641 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Bennett, Victor 213-740-6960 Management and Organization
Bhambri, Arvind 213-740-0730 Management and Organization
Blumenthal, Judith 213-740-0734 Management and Organization
Bonner, Sarah 213-740-5025 Leventhal School of Accounting
Boudreau, John 213-740-4988 Management and Organization
Bresnahan, Christopher -- Management and Organization
Bridges, Robert 213-740-6557 Finance and Business Economics
Bristow, Duke 213-740-6513 Finance and Business Economics
Burgos, Miriam 213-740-4829 Marketing
Byars, Stephen 213-740-1764 Center for Management Communication
Callahan, Tyrone 213-740-6498 Finance and Business Economics
Camara, Odilon 213-740-7658 Finance and Business Economics
Campbell, Tim 213-740-1256 Finance and Business Economics
Cardon, Peter 213-740-0133 Center for Management Communication
Carnevale, Peter 213-740-2218 Management and Organization
Carter, David 213-821-9306 Management and Organization
Carvalho, Daniel 213-740-7677 Finance and Business Economics
Cavanaugh, Lisa 213-740-1150 Marketing
Cerling, Lee 213-821-1158 Center for Management Communication
Chang, Tom 213-740-1135 Finance and Business Economics
Chen, Baizhu 213-740-7558 Finance and Business Economics
Chrystal, Sandra 213-740-5011 Center for Management Communication
Chuk, Elizabeth 213-740-0138 Leventhal School of Accounting
Coombs, Michael 213-740-9290 Management and Organization
Cummings, Thomas 213-740-0733 Management and Organization
Cunningham, James 213-740-6515 Finance and Business Economics
Dasu, Sriram 213-740-3681 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Davila, Ruben 213-740-5005 Leventhal School of Accounting
DeAngelo, Harry 213-740-6541 Finance and Business Economics
DeFond, Mark 213-740-5016 Leventhal School of Accounting
Diehl, Kristin 213-740-5054 Marketing
Dietrich, John Kimball (Kim) 213-740-6539 Finance and Business Economics
Dipprey, Ellen-Linnea 213-740-8464 Center for Management Communication
Dukes, Anthony 213-740-3846 Marketing
Durguner, Seda -- Finance and Business Economics
Dutta, Shantanu 213-740-5038 Marketing
Eastin, Richard 213-740-6493 Finance and Business Economics
Eberhard, Juan 213-740-6532 Finance and Business Economics
El Haddad, Christine 213-740-0557 Management and Organization
El Sawy, Omar 213-740-4837 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Ellis, James 213-740-6422 Marketing
Erkens, David 213-740-9318 Leventhal School of Accounting
Fan, Yingying 213-740-9916 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Fast, Nathanael 213-740-1047 Management and Organization
Ferguson, Trudi 213-740-5871 Management and Organization
Ferson, Wayne 213-740-5615 Finance and Business Economics
Fields, C. Kerry 213-740-9307 Finance and Business Economics
Fields, Kevin 213-740-8764 Finance and Business Economics
Fiss, Peer 213-821-1471 Management and Organization
Folkes, Valerie 213-740-5056 Marketing
Frazier, Gary 213-740-5032 Marketing
Freed, Chrislynn 213-740-4867 Leventhal School of Accounting
Frydman, Cary 213-821-5586 Finance and Business Economics
Fygenson, Mendel 213-740-7206 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Gabrys, Robertas 213-740-9668 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Geck, Stacy 213-740-9068 Center for Management Communication
Giaquinta, Gerald 213-740-0170 Center for Management Communication
Gorbenko, Alex 213-740-0561 Finance and Business Economics
Gosline, Jr., W. James 213-740-0197 Center for Management Communication
Grossman, Elissa 213-740-9761 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Gupta, Vishal 213-821-7849 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Hamao, Yasushi 213-740-0822 Finance and Business Economics
Hamidieh, Kam 213-740-4773 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Hansen, Clark -- Center for Management Communication
Harris, Lawrence 213-740-6496 Finance and Business Economics
Haycock, Ken 213-821-1641 Management and Organization
Heitzman, Shane -- Leventhal School of Accounting
Henry, Patrick 310-990-3100 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Hiatt, Shon 213-740-0754 Management and Organization
Hoberg, Gerard 213-740-6515 Finance and Business Economics
Holder, William 213-740-4855 Leventhal School of Accounting
Hopkins, Merle 213-740-4857 Leventhal School of Accounting
Hubbard, RS 213-740-4233 Center for Management Communication
Ibrahimi-Nazarian, Fatemeh 213-740-6515 Finance and Business Economics
Imrohoroglu, Ayse 213-740-6518 Finance and Business Economics
Imrohoroglu, Selahattin 213-740-6546 Finance and Business Economics
Jackson, Cecil 213-740-5020 Leventhal School of Accounting
James, Gareth 213-740-9696 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Jia, Nan 213-740-1045 Management and Organization
Joines, Douglas 213-740-6510 Finance and Business Economics
Jones, Christopher 213-740-9485 Finance and Business Economics
Joslin, Scott 213-740-7137 Finance and Business Economics
Kalb, Ira 213-821-1886 Marketing
Karayan, John -- Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Karuna, Christo -- Leventhal School of Accounting
Keller, Joseph 213-740-4846 Leventhal School of Accounting
Kendall, Chad -- Finance and Business Economics
Kiddoo, Bob 213-740-5024 Leventhal School of Accounting
Kim, B.Kyu 213-740-5033 Marketing
Kim, Peter 213-740-7947 Management and Organization
Kirk, Yolanda 213-740-4234 Center for Management Communication
Knapp, Thomas 213-740-505 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Korteweg, Arthur 213-740-0567 Finance and Business Economics
Kovacevich, Rex 213-740-5045 Marketing
Ku, Suh-Pyng 213-740-6540 Finance and Business Economics
Lawler, Edward 213-740-9814 Management and Organization
Layton, Rose 213-740-5022 Leventhal School of Accounting
Lee, Lucy V. 213-740-6755 Center for Management Communication
Levitin, Lloyd 213-740-6524 Finance and Business Economics
Lin, Thomas 213-740-4851 Leventhal School of Accounting
Little, Sharoni 213-821-1159 Center for Management Communication
Loumioti, Maria 213-740-2743 Leventhal School of Accounting
Luo, Lan 213-740-2497 Marketing
Lv, Jinchi 213-740-6603 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
MacInnis, Deborah 213-740-5039 Marketing
Majchrzak, Ann 213-740-4023 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Marino, Anthony 213-740-6525 Finance and Business Economics
Markwardt, Daylanne 213-740-2803 Center for Management Communication
Marsen, Sky 213-740-0985 Center for Management Communication
Matsusaka, John 213-740-6495 Finance and Business Economics
Maxey, Shirley 213-740-1571 Center for Management Communication
Mayer, Kyle 213-821-1141 Management and Organization
Mayzlin, Dina 213-740-3360 Marketing
McCall, Morgan 213-740-0746 Management and Organization
Mednick, Steven 213-740-9592 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Merchant, Kenneth 213-821-5920 Leventhal School of Accounting
Michaux, Michael 213-740-3466 Finance and Business Economics
Miller, Gene 213-740-9081 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Mills, Patricia 213-740-5007 Leventhal School of Accounting
Mukherjee, Gourab -- Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Murphy, Kevin 213-740-6553 Finance and Business Economics
Nazerzadeh, Hamid 213-740-0172 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Nunes, Joseph 213-740-5044 Marketing
O'Leary, Daniel 213-740-4856 Leventhal School of Accounting
Ochiumi, Hiroshi 213-740-9918 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Ogneva, Maria 213-740-3928 Leventhal School of Accounting
Olson, Thomas 213-740-0758 Management and Organization
Owens, James 213-821-5441 Center for Management Communication
Ozbas, Oguzhan 213-740-0781 Finance and Business Economics
Paik, Yongwook 213-740-7646 Management and Organization
Park, C. W. 213-740-7107 Marketing
Patterson, Kelly 213-740-6211 Management and Organization
Patton, Greg 213-740-0653 Center for Management Communication
Pereira, Francis 213-821-1321 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Perner, Lars 213-740-7127 Marketing
Philadelphia, Marion 213-740-4235 Center for Management Communication
Phillips, Gordon 213-740-0598 Finance and Business Economics
Plotts, Julia 213-821-6798 Finance and Business Economics
Porter, Dawn 213-740-172 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Power, Gerard -- Marketing
Priester, Joseph 213-740-5033 Marketing
Protopapadakis, Aris 213-740-6537 Finance and Business Economics
Quadrini, Vincenzo 213-740-6521 Finance and Business Economics
Radchenko, Peter 213-821-2610 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Rajagopalan, Nandini 213-740-0750 Management and Organization
Rajagopalan, Sampath 213-740-0193 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Randhawa, Ramandeep 213-740-1042 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Randhawa, Smrity -- Leventhal School of Accounting
Rook, Dennis 213-740-5030 Marketing
Rusmevichientong, Paat 213-740-0172 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Ryan, Thomas 818-219-4285 Leventhal School of Accounting
Santikian, Lori 213-740-5648 Finance and Business Economics
Schorr, Dennis 213-740-5041 Marketing
Schwarz, Norbert -- Marketing
Selove, Matthew 213-740-5033 Marketing
Shames, Robert 213-740-5001 Leventhal School of Accounting
Sharif, Abbass -- Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Shook, Douglas 213-740-6818 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Siddarth, Sivaramakrishnan 213-740-5048 Marketing
Simmonds, Kendall 213-740-5014 Leventhal School of Accounting
Smith, Lori 213-686-0564 Leventhal School of Accounting
Snyder, Kirk 213-740-0500 Center for Management Communication
Soliman, Mark 213-740-4842 Leventhal School of Accounting
Solomon, David 213-740-1057 Finance and Business Economics
Sosic, Greys 213-821-3632 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Srinivasan, Ashok 213-821-3633 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Stathopoulos, Andreas 213-740-7628 Finance and Business Economics
Subramanyam, K.R. 213-740-5017 Leventhal School of Accounting
Sun, Wenguang 213-740-0172 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Swartz, Mick 213-740-6527 Finance and Business Economics
Swenson, Charles 213-740-4854 Leventhal School of Accounting
Tellis, Gerard J. 213-740-5031 Marketing
Teodoridis, Florenta -- Management and Organization
Tolan, Jody 213-740-4681 Management and Organization
Tong, Xin 213-740-7348 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Townsend, Sarah -- Management and Organization
Trezevant, Robert 213-740-5013 Leventhal School of Accounting
Turrill, Robert 213-740-732 Management and Organization
Tuzel, Selale 213-740-9486 Finance and Business Economics
Ülkümen, Gülden 213-740-3852 Marketing
Vance, Marshall 213-740-2768 Leventhal School of Accounting
Voigt, Carl 213-740-0764 Management and Organization
Vyas, Nick -- Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Wakslak, Cheryl 213-740-0779 Management and Organization
Walker, Robyn 213-821-5444 Center for Management Communication
Wang, Shiing-Wu 213-740-5012 Leventhal School of Accounting
Wang, Yongxiang 213-740-7650 Finance and Business Economics
Ward, Amy 213-821-2616 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Warren, Naomi 213-821-1156 Center for Management Communication
Weinstein, Mark 213-740-6499 Finance and Business Economics
Weiss, Allen 213-740-5035 Marketing
Wertman, Adlai 213-740-9910 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Wilbur, Therese 213-740-4790 Marketing
Wilson Sweeney, Zivia 213-740-2705 Leventhal School of Accounting
Wiltermuth, Scott 213-740-1128 Management and Organization
Wolfe, Terance 213-740-0765 Management and Organization
Wong, Janna 213-740-0627 Center for Management Communication
Wu, Yanhui 213-740-0288 Finance and Business Economics
Yang, Botao 213-740-7691 Marketing
Yang, Sha 213-740-3902 Marketing
Yli-Renko, Helena 213-821-1477 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Yormark, Jonathan 213-740-0625 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)
Young, Mark 213-740-4848 Leventhal School of Accounting
Yue, Qingyuan (Lori) 213-740-6972 Management and Organization
Zapatero, Fernando 213-740-6538 Finance and Business Economics
Zhu, Leon 213-740-7598 Data Sciences and Operations (DSO)