University of Southern California

Nan Jia
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

PhD, University of Toronto; BA, Peking University


Nan Jia's research focuses on political strategies of firms, particularly in emerging economies. Her doctoral dissertation "Political Strategy in Emerging Economies" was one of the four finalists for the Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Award of the Academy of International Business in 2009. Professor Jia's current research emphasizes corporate political strategy and business-government relationships in both developed and emerging economies, and she also studies corporate social responsibility in emerging economies, and partner selection in offshore drilling. Professor Jia teaches courses on strategic management and international business.


Concentrated Interests and Protection of Minority Shareholders: Evidence from Equity Contract Renegotiations in an Emerging Market 2013
Corporate Political Actions, Nonmarket Positions and the Institutional Environment 2013
Firms’ Political Strategy and Market Capabilities: Evidence from the Chinese Private Sector 2013
Managing in low-quality institutional environments: Agency conflict and shareholder relationships in Chinese state-controlled firms 2013
Market-Political Complementarity in Firm Capabilities: An Integrated Theoretical Perspective 2013
Political Market Structures and the Effectiveness of Corporate Political Activities 2013
Political Economy and Firms’ Geographic Scope of Business Operations 2010