University of Southern California

Fatemeh Ibrahimi-Nazarian
Academic Director of IBEAR MBA Program and Associate Professor of Clinical of Finance and Business Economics.

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0804

PhD, MA, University of Southern California; BA, Florida Atlantic University.


Fatemah Ibrahimi Nazarian is a financial economist who specializes in macroeconomics and corporate finance. She has conducted research on the effect of fluctuations in exchange rates and macroeconomic variables and policies on international stock markets. Her research has been published in Global Portfolio Diversification and International Review of Economics. Professor Nazarian has served as a research associate at the Center for Futures Research, as a research fellow at the Energy Modeling Center, and as CFO of an export company. Winner of the Golden Apple Teaching Award for Finance and Business Economics. Her current research involves risk and return to investment, and exchange rate exposure in emerging nations.


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