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We offer a range of programs that provide ongoing education and hands-on experiences to enhance and deepen what our students learn in the classroom. For more information about any of the following student programs, please contact Michelle Chow, Program Specialist.

MBA Summer Internship Subsidy
BSEL Scholars Mentoring Program

MBA Summer Internship Subsidy

The MBA Summer Internship Subsidy encourages and supports the participation of Marshall MBA students in the social enterprise and non-profit sector. Organizations with summer internships represent education, arts and culture, environment, human services, international relief, nonprofit consulting, community development, and other social initiatives.

Learn about current and past summer intern subsidy recipients by following their blog

Subsidy is available for a limited number of students for the summer between their first and second years of the MBA Program according to the following criteria:

  • The employment should be for a full-time summer position lasting for eight to twelve weeks.
  • Preference is given to students who accept a non-profit internship benefiting the social sector. A 'non-profit internship' is defined as a student working for a government agency or recognized nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) tax status (or overseas equivalent) on a specific project with a deliverable at the end of the summer (e.g. business plan, marketing plan, strategic plan, etc). The Subsidy Committee will not approve positions with job responsibilities that are determined to be sectarian, politically partisan, or that benefit a trade organization (i.e. a non-profit agency that supports fashion designers).
  • Only projects that demonstrate the application of management skills and material covered in the MBA program are eligible. Projects that are exclusively research–oriented are unlikely to be approved.
  • The Subsidy Committee regards financial support from the host organization as a sign of commitment to the applicant. The host organization is expected to a minimum of $1,000 for the summer.
  • Applications will be reviewed the week of May 3 and awards will be announced prior to the last day of spring finals. Awards will be made on a funds–available basis. Students are eligible to receive a maximum of $2,500 in subsidy for the summer. Students can check with the BSEL for the status of available funding at any time in the cycle.
  • At the end of the internship, each subsidy recipient is expected to write i) a paragraph for publication and ii) a summary report (3–5 pages) on his or her experience. This is intended to brief alumni donors who sponsor the program; offer advice to students interested in applying for a subsidy in the future; and increase awareness of program among students. In addition, the recipient may be asked to: speak in both organized and informal settings to other students about the summer experience; attend an event with alumni sponsor; write an article on the summer experience.
  • To apply, students must submit a detailed sponsorship letter from the organization and the organization's IRS letter designating not for profit [501(c)(3)] status (if applicable). The sponsorship letter is a signed letter from a senior executive of the host organization, addressed to the prospective Fellow and setting forth the actual job offer and the specifics of the position including:
  • Job responsibilities and specific project to be completed by the student
  • Name, title, telephone number and fax number of project supervisor
  • Human resources contact
  • Facility and equipment resources allocated (office, computer, etc.)
  • Starting date and ending date
  • Number of weeks and hours per week
  • Compensation
  • Other terms and conditions of employment

Questions about the MBA Summer Internship Subsidy and application materials should be directed to
Abby Fifer Mandell, BSEL Executive Director.

2009 MBA Summer Internship Subsidy Recipients

David Berman - Marshall MBA, Chrysalis
Courtney Brunious - Marshall MBA, Pacific Charter School Development through Education Pioneers
Anil Chintalpudi - Marshall MBA, Families in School (FIS) through Education Pioneers
Kelly Heintz - Marshall MBA, Green Dot through Education Pioneers
Sandy Hirschberg - Marshall MBA, GE in Mexico
Erin Keller - MBA.PM, Fulfillment Fund

BSEL Scholars Mentoring Program

The Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab (BSEL) Scholars Mentoring Program is a year-long program that offers personal mentoring from industry experts to an elite group of undergraduate students considering careers in social enterprise.

Students accepted into the program will receive:
  • Professional advice from successful social entrepreneurs (complete bios of past mentors can be found here);
  • Exposure to best practices in social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, non-profit management, and sustainability;
  • An invitation to a formal meal with all mentors and mentees;
  • At least two private one-on-one meetings with your mentor;
  • A career shadowing day hosted by your mentor; and
  • Access to the BSEL student and professional network and advising from BSEL staff.

Program Eligibility. The mentoring program is open to all undergraduate juniors and seniors.

Commitment. In addition to orientation, a welcome dinner and private meetings with mentors, Scholars are expected to attend monthly cohort meetings that take place during business hours.

Application Process. To apply, you must (1) submit a resume and (2) respond to the following questions (500 words total):

  • What kinds of work or other experiences do you plan to pursue as you near graduation from USC?
  • What does having a mentor mean to you?
  • What social issue (e.g., poverty, education, health, etc.) would you like to affect using your business skills?

Please be sure to include your major(s) and minor(s) and note whether you have taken BAEP 491: Social Entrepreneurship and/or BAEP 471: Social Innovation Design Lab on your application.

Deadline. The application cycle begins in March and will close mid-April. All applicants must sign up for an interview when submitting their applications.

Contact Information. For questions and additional information, contact Michelle Chow, BSEL program specialist.

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