University of Southern California


Society Business Lab Courses

Many courses at the Marshall School of Business include cases on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics.  The following classes specifically target those topics.

BAEP 564 Investing in Impact Ventures Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business
BAEP 591 Social Entrepreneurship
MOR 566 Environmental Sustainability and Competitive Advantage

Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business

BAEP 471 Social Innovation Design Lab
BAEP 491 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
BAEP 460 Global Entrepreneurship
BUCO 425 The Ethical Practice of Business as a Profession
BUCO 485 Business Communication Management for Nonprofits
BUAD 498 Business Field Experience
MOR 499 Business and Environmental Sustainability

Undergraduate Minor in Social Entrepreneurship