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For more information or to get involved with the field of business and society, please consider the following organizations and publications.

Impact Organization Council
Marshall Student Consulting Teams
Marshall Student Organizations and Clubs
Career Development
Marshall Library Resources - Non-Profits
USC Research Guide - Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact Organization Council

The BSEL Impact Organization Council brings together student leaders of business-related, social impact organizations to discuss best practices and to share resources. Members of the BSEL Impact Organization Council have access to mentoring and support from BSEL Staff. The Council meets each semester. Please contact BSEL for more information or to request an invitation for your club to join the BSEL Impact Organization Council.

Fall 2012 BSEL Impact Organization Council Meeting led by Jessica Stuffer, '14

Marshall Student Consulting Teams

Several Marshall student consultant groups offer pro bono services to local client-organizations in Los Angeles. To learn more about these groups, please contact the student leaders listed below.


Alpha Kappa Psi (Alpha Zeta)
contact: Mindy Nguyen and Tiffany Wei

Los Angeles Community Impact (LACI)
contact: Jeremy Gross

Enactus (Formerly USC SIFE)
contact: Min Shan Lin

Trojan Consulting Group
contact: Carmen To and Simeon Lee


Net Impact Service Corps
contact: Jennifer May

BSEL asks student consulting groups to follow these best practice guidelines. BSEL provides advising and administrative benefits to student consulting teams who follow these guidelines.

Download an example of a consulting contract for client-organizations.

Download an example of a consulting contract for students. These documents are approved by USC legal counsel; substantial changes may render these documents illegitimate.

Marshall Student Organizations and Clubs

Many organizations at Marshall and USC devote their efforts to issues of society and business. To learn more about these groups please contact the student leaders listed below.

Marshall Net Impact
contact: Stephanie Schwartz

Net Impact Undergrad
contact: Jasmine Gonzalez

USC Entrepreneur Club
contact: Matt Slater and Jessica Kropf

USC Global Brigades at Marshall
contact: Haylie Chu or Dennis Huang

USC Microfinance Club
contact: Connie Jao

contact: Walter Rivera

Always Living in View of the Environment (ALIVE)
contact: Connie Gao

Marshall Outreach and Volunteer Entrepreneurs (MOVE)
contact: Trevor Thorpe

Students for Environmental Enterprise (SEE)
contact: Sydney Morical

USC Value Investing Group
contact: Kevin Swick