University of Southern California


Global Brand Overview

The Global Branding Center at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business assists practitioners with managing global brands, with special emphasis on those managing entertainment brands and consumer goods/services brands. The GBC provides managers with thought leadership in the following four areas:

  • Brandization: Initiating brand-customer relationships.
  • Elaboration: Strengthening brand-customer relationships.
  • Dynamization: Strategizing brand portfolio performance.
  • Assetization: Assessing brand performance and value.

Specifically, the GBC offers expertise in the development of consumer-brand attachment relationships, value enhancing strategies, brand-based growth strategies, and metrics related to brand value. We deliver this through teaching, research, conferences, web site postings and consulting.

Led by Director C.W. Park, a team of research fellows contribute to the Global Branding Center’s body of knowledge with new branding insights and ongoing research projects.

Global Brand (GBC)