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Jerry Power Executive Director, Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) and Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, USC Marshall School of Business

Jerry Power
Executive Director, Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) and 
Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, USC Marshall School of Business

Jerry Power is the Executive Director of The Institute for Communications Technology Management (CTM) and a clinical professor of marketing at the University of Southern California. CTM is the world's leading Institute focused on digital communications, content, and commerce, offering its members cutting-edge global research and business strategy, executive education and leadership forums for the digital industry. As CTM's Executive Director, Jerry works with the Institute and its board to identify emerging trends that will reshape the evolutionary trajectory of the communications sector.

For over three decades, Jerry has been active in the areas of mobility, video services, optics, IP/data networking, and network management. Jerry has worked for Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, and Motorola, holding positions in Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, and Product Development. Throughout his career, Jerry has been a strong proponent of anticipating and encouraging behavioral shifts that increase the utility of services that serve to grow market demand.

Jerry received MsSc in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University and has published numerous articles describing the impact of technology on networks operations, business practices, users, and more. He is a frequent speaker at communications conferences and has served on various industry committees working to improve the telecommunications industry.

Josette Bonte

Dr. Josette Bonte
Chief Strategy Officer
Head of Research and Industry Relations

Josette Bonte, Ph.D., serves as the Chief Strategy Officer, Director of Research and Industry Relations at the USC CTM. In that role she oversees CTM's research programs. Dr. Bonte spent the first 10 years of her career as a film and television industry executive in Hollywood, and the past 18 years in the fields of telecom and technology with an emphasis on digital media, IPTV and online games.

Josette has served as Executive Digital Media Strategist for Cisco and was responsible for performing large-scale strategic consulting engagements for Cisco's leading clients across industry verticals. Prior to Cisco, Bonte worked for Cookie Jar Entertainment where she was Vice President of Digital media. She also served as Vice President of Content & IPTV for Ovum, working on IPTV content deployment strategies with service provider clients.

A telco TV pioneer, Bonte joined US West (now CenturyLink) as Head of Strategic Marketing, Entertainment, and Interactive Services, where she participated in the company's early interactive media and VoD trials, soon becoming the company's Liaison to the Hollywood entertainment industry for content strategy. Josette served as Executive Director of Unifrance Film LA, where she represented the French motion picture and television industries in Hollywood. She founded EuroScreen Partners, a film financing and distribution company where she served as CEO. Bonte holds an M.F.A from the UCLA School of Film and Television, and a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and telecommunications from the Sorbonne. She has published a best-selling book entitled: "La Television a la Carte aux Etat-Unis."

Andrea Moser
Assistant Director of Research

Andrea Moser is the Assistant Director of Research at CTM (Institute for Communication Technology Management), Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. She has over 10 years of research experience in the field of telecommunications. Her research interests include consumer behavior in the mobile space and adoption of m-commerce and m-payment services.

Andrea directs the Digital Home research project, CTM's year-long research study carried out jointly by CTM and corporate sponsors. Digital Home provides insights into the connected, multi-screen digital home, including key factors for adoption and perceived value of digital devices and services. Andrea also disseminates our results to research contacts at CTM member companies and conducts Digital Home workshops.

Prior to joining CTM, Andrea spent 9 years at major international telecommunications companies (Global Telesystems, Siemens Hungary), where she developed an in-depth knowledge of market analysis, research and strategic planning. Andrea has a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Miskolc, Hungary.

Yumi Huang, Market Analyst/Statistician

Yumi Huang
Market Analyst/Statistician

Yumi holds a Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, where she gained valuable knowledge and skills in research methodologies and data analysis. She believes that her research interests throughout graduate school, which include investigating age differences of emotional and cognitive processes involved in decision-making, can help contribute vital insights and help promote the understanding of product/services that are based on customers' specific needs.

Yumi joined the Institute for Communications Technology Management (CTM) to expand its program in support of Marshall faculty efforts to better understand how business processes are changing with the incremental introduction of technology. To aid in that effort she is investigating how the real-time nature of their business, impact of social networks, innovation, and ecosystem integration efforts.

Before USC, Yumi worked as a Consumer Insight Data Processor at Electronic Arts and as a Research Analyst at Maritz Research. She designed questionnaires, drafted ad-hoc research projects, analyzed large sets of data (e.g., consumer satisfaction), and met with clients to discuss business insights for how to implement better services.

Steven Shepard
Resident Director of Executive Education

Steven Shepard is the president of the Shepard Communications Group in Williston, Vermont. A professional author and educator with 24 years of varied experience in the telecommunications industry, he has written books and magazine articles on a wide variety of topics. He is the author of Telecommunications Convergence: How to Profit from the Convergence of Technologies, Services and Companies; A Spanish-English Telecommunications Dictionary; Managing Cross-Cultural Transition: A Handbook for Corporations, Employees and Their Families; An Optical Networking Crash Course; SONET and SDH Demystified, Telecom Crash Course; Telecommunications Convergence, Second Edition; Telecom Crash Course, Second Edition; and VoIP Crash Course. Steve is also the Series Editor of the McGraw-Hill Portable Consultant book series.

Mr. Shepard received his undergraduate degree in Spanish and Romance Philology from the University of California at Berkeley and his Master's Degree in International Business from St. Mary's College. He spent eleven years with Pacific Bell in San Francisco in a variety of capacities including network analysis, computer operations, systems standards development, and advanced technical training, followed by nine years with Hill Associates, a world-renowned telecommunications education company, before forming the Shepard Communications Group. Global clients include major telecommunications manufacturers, service providers, software development firms, multinational corporations, universities, professional services firms, advertising firms, venture capital firms, and regulatory bodies.

Dr. James Short
Visiting Director of Research

James E. (Jim) Short is Lead Scientist, San Diego Supercomputer Center, at UC San Diego (UCSD). He directs the How Much Information? (HMI) research program and the How Much Media? (HMM) research project at USC. Jim's research has focused on information growth and the value of information, corporate communications and disclosure, and selected topics in storage and information systems management. His work on market transparency and corporate information disclosure has been published in The Accounting Review. His applied work has focused on information metrology and the value of information. With co-author Roger Bohn (UC San Diego), the first of several studies on information growth was published in December 2009, "How Much Information: Report on American Consumers." A second report on enterprise information, "How Much Information: Report on Enterprise Servers," was published in April 2011.

Carolyn Tutas-Cohen

Carolyn Tutas-Cohen
Business Manager

Carolyn M. Cohen serves as assistant director of budgets and operations for the USC Marshall School of Business Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM). She began working with CTM in May of 2012. Prior to this, she worked at the USC TRIO Programs and the School of Cinematic Arts.

Carolyn graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a bachelor's degree in International Relations and a minor in Spanish. She attended the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development, and graduated with a Master of Public Administration in 2007. She enjoys being a resident of the University Park neighborhood in South Los Angeles, where she and her husband have resided since 2001.

Ruth Cornejo, Administrative Assistant

Ruth Cornejo
Center Coordinator

Ruth Cornejo is CTM's Center coordinator. In that capacity, Ruth is responsible for organizing special events, such as the bi-annual Executive Round Table, logistics for CTM's Executive Education programs, as well as all other on-campus programs. She also currently coordinates with CTM student staff and supports the CTM office with general Administrative duties.

Prior working at CTM, Ruth worked with USC catering and hospitality services and has spent over 20 years working in the administrative field. She's worked with such organizations as the California Restaurant Association and the California Jewelers Association, where she was responsible for the logistics of the Pacific Jewelry Show. Ruth has also worked in the human resources, accounting and event planning.

Peter Cardon , Administrative Assistant

Peter Cardon
Associate Professor of Clinical Management Communication

Peter Cardon researches how organizations deploy and use social networking platforms. He has worked with numerous companies in support of employee engagement, trust, internal communication, and change management initiatives. He is assembling a special of issue of the International Journal of Business Communication devoted to social network based collaboration and communications. Pete is the author of Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World and President of the Association for Business Communication.

Omar El Sawy

Omar El Sawy
Professor of Data Sciences and Operations

Omar El Sawy specializes in IT-enabled business strategy in turbulent environments and business models for digital platforms. He is the author of over 100 papers, serves on several editorial boards, and is a six-time winner of the Society for Information Management's Annual Paper Award. Prior to joining USC, Professor El Sawy worked as an engineer at NCR Corporation, and as manager of IT services at Stanford, and as an advisor to the UN Development Program in Egypt.

Tom Ferratt Visiting Professor, USC Marshall

Tom Ferratt
Visiting Professor, USC Marshall

Tom Ferratt is a visiting professor at USC while he researches skills and behaviors of tech area personnel in an effort to increase a companies ability to innovate. Tom is the Professor & Sherman-Standard Register Endowed Chair in MIS at the University of Dayton. Tom is the Senior Editor for Journal of the Association for Information Systems and an Associate Editor for MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research. He is co-author with Fred Niederman of the " IT Workers: Human Capital Issues in a Knowledge Based Environment"

Gary Frazier Richard and Jarda Hurd Chair in Distribution Management & Professor of Marketing

Gary Frazier
Richard and Jarda Hurd Chair in Distribution Management & Professor of Marketing

Gary Frazier, Richard and Jarda Hurd Chair in Distribution Management & Professor of Marketing, USC Marshall Gary Frazier is an expert on structuring and managing channels of distribution. He has published extensively in leading marketing journals and serves as editor of Journal of Marketing. Professor Frazier has consulted for a number of major corporations, including Coca-Cola, GE, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Weyerhaeuser. He served as an advisor to the Justice Department in its examination of Microsoft

Ann Majchrzak

Ann Majchrzak
Professor of Data Sciences and Operations & USC Associates Chair in Business Administration, USC Marshall

Ann Majchrzak is the USC Associates Chaired Professor of Business Administration for the Marshall. She is a member of the Data Sciences and Operations Department where she teaches digital innovation. She holds concurrent appointments as a visiting professor at Esade Business School, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, and at LUISS, Rome School of Business and Management in the areas of Innovation and Organization. She is also an external expert for the Information Systems and Innovation Group at the London School of Economics.

Kyle Mayer Professor of Management and Organization, USC Marshall

Kyle Mayer
Professor of Management and Organization, USC Marshall

Kyle Mayer studies how firms govern relationships with other firms, with particular attention to the contract and its role in establishing a framework for the relationship. His research has been published in numerous journals and he served on the editorial board of Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Academy of Management Review, and Strategic Management Journal. He received a number of USC/Marshall awards for excellence in teaching and mentoring.

Lars Perner

Lars Perner
Associate Professor

Lars Perner's research interests focus in non-profit marketing, sponsored fundraising, consumer behavior, consumer price response, branding, and bargain hunting. His work has been published in the Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Consumer Affairs, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. He currently serves as a faculty coordinator for the Department of Marketing's undergraduate introductory marketing course sections, which serve approximately 1,600 students every academic year.

Frank Nagle

Frank Nagle
Assistant Professor

Frank Nagle is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Marshall School of Business at USC. He studies the economics of IT and digitization with a focus on free digital goods using large datasets from online social networks, financial market information, and surveys of enterprise IT usage. His research examines how the digital economy and crowdsourcing are weakening firm boundaries and causing mismeasurements of productivity measures like GDP. Frank worked in information security where he responded to corporate hackings and developed a bootcamp that all FBI cyber agents must pass before entering the field.

Arif Ansari

Arif Ansari
Associate Professor

Arif Ansari is an expert in the area of data mining, business intelligence, data warehousing, and intelligent systems and technologies, a field in which he has fifteen years of research experience. He has published in IEEE Transactions on Systems and Man and Cybernetics. Professor Ansari received Marshall's Golden Apple Award in 2006.

Neil Siegel

Neil Siegel
Professor Viterbi School of Engineering

Neil Siegel is the IBM Professor of Engineering Management at the USC school of engineering, in the department of industrial and systems engineering. He was formerly the vice-president and chief technology officer of Northrop Grumman's Information Systems sector. He led the sector's technology activities, provided oversight of the sector's research portfolio, and oversaw the development of solutions for the company's most-complex and most important problems. He has a large number of inventions that have been implemented into fielded products and systems (including commercial products by companies like Garman, Microsoft, and Apple), and holds more than 20 issued patents worldwide. His research interests center around the systems engineering and problems of developing large, complex (both technically and social) societal systems. He has created and validated a set of novel techniques intended to provide better outcomes for such large system development programs.

Cheryl Waksiak

Cheryl Waksiak
Associate Professor

Cheryl Wakslak studies managerial and organizational decision-making, focusing on how proximity changes the way individuals represent information, thereby influencing judgment and behavior. Her dissertation work conceptualized likelihood as a form of proximity and examined a range of related judgment phenomena. In other research, she explores the allegiance people have to societal systems at different levels of analysis. Her findings have been published in numerous scholarly outlets, including the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Psychological Science.

Nick Vyas

Nick Vyas
Assistant Professor

A specialist in Operation Excellence, Application of Lean Six Sigma(LSS) and an expert in Global Supply Chain Management(GSCM), Nick Vyas has implemented process improvements for over 300 projects globally that have increased efficiency in the fields of health care, service, military, retail, and end-to-end supply chain. As the Executive Director of USC Marshall’s Center for GSCM and as an Assistant Professor, Vyas is educating the next generation of business leaders. Working closely with students, Vyas consulted for over 25 global operations across various sectors. He integrated technology and directed teams that both optimized speed-to-market and managed cost/quality.