University of Southern California

New Venture Support

CTC works with researchers and students in all areas of the commercialization process, from invention to market. Below you’ll find a graphic depiction of the elements in the process and some explanation.

The technology commercialization process is divided into three major areas of activity: 1) research, 2) analysis of outcomes from research, and 3) execution. These are discussed in more detail below.


During this very early stage of development, it is important for researchers to protect their work until such time as they have disclosed the invention to the Office of Technology Licensing at USC Stevens and are seeking patent protection.

The best inventions for commercialization purposes are those that emerge from identifying a compelling problem in the market. Research will involve testing and support for developing a defensible product definition based on understanding real market needs. It will also be important to acquire a deep understanding of the industry in which the final product or application will be associated. The industry determines the ultimate profitability of a company because it affects all the activities of the business. Market research with potential customers and market segmentation will assist in choosing the right first customer for the technology application. Researching what will be required to manufacture and deliver this product will be essential to identifying costs and capital requirements. Finally, the business model will describe how you will create and capture value for the customer and generate sales.

Analysis of Research Outcomes

The research you do will result in the data needed to calculate the revenue and cost drivers for the business as well as how much money you will need to raise and at what milestones. It will also inform your decision about a launch strategy.


The successful launch of a new product or business rests firmly in the hands of the management team. Developing a team that brings relevant experience and industry knowledge to the launch is critical to enhancing the chances of success. Fully 90% of the commercialization process involves business skills that must be reflected in the composition of the management team. An effective team with a strong advisory board will insure that the timing of the launch matches the window of opportunity.