University of Southern California

Commercialization Teams

Commercialization Teams are entrepreneurial teams comprised of scientists, engineers, and business students. When a researcher’s technology is about 12 to 24 months from being ready for the market, highly qualified MBAs are selected to join the technology team to conduct feasibility analysis to determine how to proceed with the commercialization of the technology. If the team works well together, they may move forward to start a company. The feasibility analysis and a launch plan prepare the team to seek funding.

Commercialization Teams are mentored by faculty and CTC strategic partners such as the Tech Coast Angels and the Pasadena Angels. They also have the opportunity to seek grants for prototyping and patenting from the NCIIA (National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance) and USC’s Ideas Empowered Program.

If you are a student looking to participate in the Commercialization Team program, please contact CTC or look under New Venture Support to find out more about courses using Commercialization Teams.

If you are a researcher interested in having MBAs work with you on the commercialization of your technology, please contact Dr. Kathleen Allen.

The following are some examples of recent Commercialization Team activity:

Implantable Micro-Pumps

Fluid Synchrony develops and markets an implantable drug delivery technology based on patented micro-pump technology capable of accurate delivering a wide assortment of drugs to targeted sites within the body.

3D Indoor Modeling

This patented hardware and software system creates accurate 3D models without the distorted fish-eye look of conventional 360° tours of interior spaces and visuals that are more realistic than other indoor mapping systems.


Novel compounds for drug delivery that rival antibodies in that they have no side effects, can be synthesized in the laboratory, are cheaper to produce, and reduce the development time from years to months. Patients with high immunogenicity or for whom an antibody-based therapeutic is not available can benefit from aptamers.

Near Field Communication

This product/service creates a unique, user specific shopping experience by connecting Near Field Communication (NFC) and Short Messaging Service (SMS) to the loyalty programs, store inventory data, discounts, and payment systems. The sticker can be discretely affixed to a phone enabling consumers to quickly check promotions, activate loyalty discounts, and later use the same sticker to complete their transaction while at the same time eliminating the need for multiple coupons, passes, membership cards, and loyalty key fobs. Retailers can then interactively communicate with the consumer to push incentives to increase consumer acceptance rates while at the same time increasing consumer traffic flow, increasing repeat buyers, and lowering advertising costs by providing specific incentives to consumers pre-established preferences.

Portable Ultrasound

Millions of ultrasound guided catheter insertions are performed each year, and approximately 25% of these insertion attempts fail. The team is developing a miniaturized ultrasound device where the probe and image display are integrated so the doctor no longer needs to look away from the patient during the procedure. The company designs, manufactures, and sells a low-cost, hand-held ultrasound device so the doctor can perform catheter insertions and other ultrasound guided procedures faster, safer, and more effectively.

Thin Film Transistor

This thin film transistor technology, based on carbon nanotubes, is well suited for the next generation active-matrix OLED displays. These transistors provide up to a 50% cost savings over other transistors while at the same time improving performance in switching speed and contrast. The transistors are particularly useful for video gaming and military applications and will be targeted to flat screen producers.

Contour Crafting

Construction of factories, parking structures or storage warehouses often take months to complete due to expensive labor cost and equipment. Contour Crafting is a patented solution, involving the use of a large robot, that would enable this construction to happen in a matter of days. Commercial construction firms will save time, equipment and labor costs by leasing this revolutionary technology.