University of Southern California

CMC Case Study Initiative

In the CMC Case Study Initiative student teams write original cases emerging from semester-long interaction with and research about local businesses or global companies with a presence in the rich learning laboratory of Los Angeles. Because these case studies are written by students for students, they complement a student-centered learning environment and enable students to master a wide range of skills essential to today's workplace – one of the main conclusions drawn from the research on this subject.

The Center for Management Communication launched the Case Study Initiative in 2013 to address the need for student-authored historical and evergreencase studies.

The topics include:

  • Diversity
  • Technology-mediated Communication
  • Intercultural business Communication
  • Ethics and Communication
  • Other subjects relevant to management communication

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We plan to use a growing set of student-authored cases to create a learning culture that is mutually self-reinforcing, not only about business, but about other matters related to the field of management communication. In addition, these cases will focus more predominantly on businesses and organizations based in the Pacific Rim.

For more information about the CMC Case Study Initiative, please contact:

 Prof. Clark Hansen


Historic Case Studies describe situations that are frozen within a specific time frame and include specific stakeholders and circumstances. The main problems of the case are usually resolved by the time the case study is used for case-analysis purposes. The case focuses on actions that were taken in the past.

Evergreen case studies describe situations that are occurring at the present time, and the stakeholders are actively engaged in resolving the issues of the case. The case focuses on decision or actions that must be made in the present or future.