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About Ciber

The Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs) were created to increase and promote the nation's capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise. Administered by the U.S. Department of Education, the CIBER program links the manpower and information needs of U.S. business with the international education, language training, and research capacities of universities across the U.S. Thirty-three universities are currently designated as centers that serve as regional and national resources to business, students, and academics. Together, the CIBERs form a national network focused on improving American competitiveness and providing comprehensive service and programs that help U.S. business succeed in global markets.

  • Be a national resource for the teaching of improved business techniques, strategies, and methodologies that emphasize the international context in which business is transacted;
  • Provide instruction in critical foreign languages and international fields needed to provide an understanding of the cultures and customs of United States trading partners;
  • Provide research and training in the international aspects of trade, commerce and other fields of study;
  • Provide training to students enrolled in the institution, or combinations of institutions in which a center is located;
  • Serve as regional resources to businesses proximately located by offering programs and providing research designed to meet the international training needs of these businesses; and
  • Serve other faculty, students and institutions of higher education located within their region.

Project Award Categories
STUDY ABROAD  - Interdisciplinary Programs for International Business Education
Interdisciplinary programs which incorporate foreign language and international studies training into business, finance, management, communications systems, and other professional curricula.

BUSINESS TRAINING - Business Training for Liberal Arts Faculty and Graduate Students
Interdisciplinary programs which provide business, finance, management, communications systems, and other professional training for foreign language and international studies faculty and advance degree candidates.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Language and Other Training for the Business Community
Evening or summer programs, including, but not limited to intensive language programs, available to members of the business community and other professionals which are designed to develop or enhance their international skills, awareness, and expertise.

OUTREACH - Collaboration and Dissemination
Collaborative programs, activities or research involving other institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, professional associations, businesses, firms or combinations of such, to promote the development of international skills, awareness, and expertise among current and prospective members of the business community and other professionals.

RESEARCH - Interdisciplinary International Business Education Research
Research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education and to promote integrated curricula.

RESEARCH - International Trade Research
Research designed to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms, including those not active in international trade.

National Network
Currently there are 33 Centers for International Business Education and Research located at schools of business of major universities around the nation.  Each CIBER organizes a set of activities to advance the study and teaching of international business and to support applied research on United States competitiveness in the global marketplace.