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Executive Board

Center Members have the greatest impact on the Center’s mission of NEAR (Network, Education, and Advanced Research). Your annual contribution provides the resources to host leading events, such as the Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit, and conduct thought leadership in cutting-edge supply chain practices. From Patron to Partner, your support allows the Center to be on the forefront of the industry.

  Patron Executive Partner  
  $35,000+ Annual Donation $25,000 Annual Donation $10,000 Annual Donation  
  Guide the future direction of the Center’s teaching, research, and industry relationships. Sponsorship of company name/logo on website/marketing materials. Sponsorship of company name/logo on website/marketing materials.  
  Two complimentary tickets to Center events.
One complimentary ticket to Center events. Direct engagement with USC Marshall students.  
  Sponsorship of company name/logo on website and marketing materials. Participation in Lean Six Sigma and research projects.    
  Complimentary participation in Lean Six Sigma Project and research projects conducted by students and faculty. Direct engagement with USC Marshall students.    
  Company highlighted in Center newsletter and blog.      
  Direct engagement with Marshall students.      

Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board is established to help the Center fulfill its mission of educating future leaders, building networks, and collaborating with companies.  We offer our industry advisory board members two tracks: the Jobs Track and the Networking Track.  Our members make an annual commitment to one track with the expectation that they will support our Center in four key areas.

Jobs Track Networking Track
1. Internships
Provide our students with critical hands-on experiences through internships and training programs.
1. Speaking
Speak at student events and program courses regarding your experience in the industry.
2. Job Shadowing
Help students explore career paths by hosting job shadowing days.
2. Mentorship
Offer your time and industry expertise to guide students looking for career advice.
3. Recruitment Sessions
Participate in our Annual Career Fairs held specifically for USC Supply Chain students or host exclusive sessions for your company.
3. Consulting Projects
Provide supply chain-related projects or research opportunities to connect with our students.
4. Externships
Offer students experiential learning opportunities through short practical experiences in the field.
4. Events
Actively participate in events hosted by the Center, such as the Annual GSCM Summit, or sponsor individual events, such as business mixers and information sessions for our students.
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