University of Southern California

Board of Advisors

David Whelan, Boeing

  • Chief Scientist
  • VP - General Manager of IDS
  • Deputy to the President of IDS Advanced Systems

Freeman Thomas, Ford Motor Company

  • Design Director, North American Strategic Design
  • Marketing and Customer Insight Manager

Raj Shah, Microsoft

  • Engineering Director
Richard J. Friedrich, HP

  • Director, Strategy and Innovation Office, HP Laboratories, Hewlett-Packard Company

Jai Menon, Dell

  • VP and Head of Dell Research
  • Chief Research Office at Dell

Stephen Pawlowski, Intel Corporation

  • Intel Senior Fellow, Digital Enterprise Group chief technology officer
  • General Manager for Architecture and Planning

Andrew J. Ouderkirk, 3M Corporation

  • 3M Carlton Member, 3M Corporate Scientist
  • Technical Director of 3M Project Systems, LED Platform Director

Bob Gatto, Nestle

  • VP, Business Development

Makarand Phadke, Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Senior Vice President, Innovations - Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre

Don Murray, Resources Global Professionals

  • Executive Chairman

Masahiro Fujita, Sony Corporation

  • President, Chief Distinguished Researcher, System Technologies Laboratories

Carla Mann Woods, USC Alfred E. Mann Institute

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Member of Board of Alfred E Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering