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"The USC Marshall program not only provides sort of a theoretical framework of how to attack marketing and business problems - but it also gives you the practical, real-world application of it."

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Program Highlights

Advance your career in as little as a year

2015 MSMP Orientation

The program is designed for an individual who is interested in pursuing a career in marketing or enhancing their existing marketing career by developing more in-depth analytical and innovative skills in the discipline. It is ideal for those prospective students who want to pursue an exciting marketing specialization and do not elect to pursue a more general MBA degree.

Ranked 6th in the nation by the TFE Times in only six months after its launch, USC Marshall’s MS.MKT Program greatly leverages the resources of an elite business school while providing immense access to coursework across one of the world’s most prominent research universities.

Become a Master Marketer

2015 MSMP Orientation

Students will be able to astutely identify target audiences and their needs, develop enticing products and services, and create effective marketing programs inclusive of advertising, sales promotions, distribution and pricing. The program provides tools, concepts, frameworks, critical thinking, analytical and innovative skills as well as practical hands-on projects in areas of interest to include marketing analytics, consumer insights, social media, customer relationship management, and digital marketing to allow for more effective development, enhancement and refinement of marketing techniques that are critical to the success of domestic and global businesses.


Build deep marketing expertise on a fast track

2015 MSMP Orientation

Full-time students can earn the degree in as little as a year. The program starts in May 2017. Be ready for an exciting career in marketing with completion of the degree by May 2018.

Part-time students can complete the degree in as little as 21 months.




Destination Influence: Study in Los Angeles

Popovich building at Night

The Master of Science in Marketing Program will bring you to USC’s University Park Campus in Los Angeles, introducing you to award-winning thought leaders and putting you at the center of a dynamic metropolis that is the linchpin of the global economy.





Expand your network

2015 MSMP Orientation

Who you know matters. As a graduate of the MS in Marketing Program, you join more than 340,000-strong USC Trojan Family, including 80,000 Marshall Alumni.

A degree from USC Marshall gives you instant connections – and a calling card that will open doors around the world.