University of Southern California

The M.S. in Marketing Experience

"The USC Marshall program not only provides sort of a theoretical framework of how to attack marketing and business problems - but it also gives you the practical, real-world application of it."


A Global-Focused Curriculum

"I think it has given me a great perspective on practically every topic of marketing from a global standpoint, so I'm not studying things which are pertaining to only one geography."


Unparalleled Career Development

The overall program is really designed to help you reach your next career objective

"We're going to provide those opportunities, those forums, for you to go on interviews...we're going to try to make those connections happen so that you can find that career and that company of your dreams."


Your Peers

"We have a class of 30-plus students right now...and the best part about the class is that we have such a global diversity. We have literally students from all major parts of the world."