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My business school advisor is great. She tells me how many classes I need to take and how many free electives I have. If I ever need anything I just shoot her an email and she responds within a day.

Ayushi Gummadi
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Class of 2012

At Marshall, your academic and career trajectories are our top priority. We help you formulate a plan – and we’re with you, every step of the way.

Marshall advisors foster a dynamic partnership with you to actively create and refine your academic goals and plans. Our Advisors empower you to develop holistically and help you:

  • Understand degree requirements
  • Create, clarify, and refine educational goals and plans
  • Explore curricular and co-curricular opportunities
  • Select majors, minors and study abroad experiences
  • Understand academic policies and procedures
  • Connect with faculty members and  university resources
  • Address concerns and challenges impacting academic success

During your first year, you’ll see your advisor regularly – both one-on-one and in group meetings. Group advising sessions offer you a chance to get to know your fellow students and hear about topics of interest to everyone. One-on-one appointments allow you to develop a more in-depth relationship with your advisor so that you can work together to create your personalized academic plan, which will be updated every year.

We understand that your college experience includes more than just your time in the classroom, and your advisor will guide you in making decisions and choices that will help you develop both academically and personally. As your goals and interests evolve and become more defined each year, your advisor will help you connect with and explore related opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, across campus and beyond.


Through the Career Advantage Program, you can sign up for a mentor in an area you might be interested in. You can go to events the mentor organizes and the mentor can help you with mock interviews and resume checks. You can also visit your mentor at work. It’s all about finding what your interested in and helping you as a professional.

Luia Yen
Class of 2011

Marshall Spotlight

Granada Hills, CA
“Just because you’re a transfer doesn’t mean anything. Once you get here you’re all just Marshall students. It’s a level playing field, it’s what you do once you’re here that matters.” “As far as preparing me for my career, Marshall has been above and beyond my expectations.”

Membership in the Trojan Family means getting the support you need.

At Marshall, that translates to a focus on mentoring: helping students at all stages develop critical relationships that encourage their growth and take them to their next step.

The transition from high school to college can be challenging. The Marshall Connections Program (MCP) helps students connect with Marshall students, faculty, staff and business professionals. Our Business Casual Lunches and Faculty Mentor Lunches give first year students the opportunity to network both formally and casually with Marshall professors. Our Marshall and Beyond Program empowers first year students to develop leadership and planning skills as they develop networking events that connect students with faculty and industry professionals.

Student mentors in Business and Cinematic Arts and Marshall’s Global Leadership Program provide additional mentoring support for students.

Marshall’s Career Advantage Program (CAP) brings together over 125 USC Marshall alumni to create a supportive relationship that maximizes student’s career development potential.


The BRIDGE Externship Program pairs sophomore, juniors and seniors with USC Marshall alumni, who help students make connections and acquire professional experience. 

Many undergraduate students receive additional mentoring support from our dedicated faculty, staff and Trojan Family members even outside these formal program.

To read from the students’ perspective, what their experience was like working with their host company during spring break, go to: 2012 BRIDGE Blogs.

Career Support

My first internship was at Fox in broadcast standards and practices, and I did a rotation through different departments. Then I worked at the CNN White House unit over the summer. I was the operations intern for international distribution. Last summer I was a marketing intern at National Geographic and now I’m doing website development at a tiny internet start-up. I found a lot of these jobs through contacts at USC.

Emily Smith
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Top Employers

  • Accenture
  • Apple
  • Bain and Company
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Barclays Capital
  • Bloomberg
  • Boeing
  • Deloitte and Touche
  • Ernst and Young
  • Financial Technology Partners
  • General Electric
  • Google
  • Hitachi Consulting
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • NBC Universal
  • Raytheon
  • Sony Electronics
  • Target
  • Triage Consulting Group
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Wells Fargo Bank

Marshall provides you with tools and programs that can help build your resume, explore your career choices, and find internships and jobs.

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop at the classroom door. The USC Marshall School Student Services Office assists you throughout your entire career development process. Our many career development programs help you gain access to the business community through experience – from internships and externships, to company visits, mentoring and networking events, there are many ways for you to launch your career from the USC campus.

Our undergraduates intern and land jobs at leading companies that include The Walt Disney Company, Ernst & Young, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Apple, just to name a few.

USC’s Career Center offers workshops, podcasts, advising, career fairs, and information about internships -- all designed to help you secure the job that fits your aspirations.