University of Southern California

Freshman International Programs (GLP and LINC)

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a groundbreaking program geared toward Marshall freshmen. This program is open by invitation only to the most academically talented students in each incoming freshmen class. GLP consists of a two course sequence during the academic year focusing on leadership and global business. The experience is capped off with a visit to Shanghai or Beijing during spring break. During the trip, students will be meeting with executives of some of the top companies and businesses in major cities in Asia as well as local and national government officials.

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Learning about International Commerce (LINC) Program

The Learning about International Commerce (LINC) Program is open to all Marshall freshman students (who are not part of GLP). LINC is designed to help expose freshman students to business practices outside of the United States. The program features a two-unit course centered on International Business and a ten day trip outside the U.S. to meet with executives and political leaders abroad.

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