University of Southern California

USC Marshall Global Summer Internship Program

One of the most difficult challenges facing professional programs such as business, communications and cinema, is striking the right balance between practical training and experience and theoretical and "class-room" learning. Companies actively search for students who are tops in their classes, but who have also "cut their teeth" in the real world, and have actual experience within their field. The challenge facing those who wish to pursue a career in the international arena is even more problematic as the number of "hands-on" international experiences are few and far between, and international studies programs often only offer students a glimpse of life in another country, as seen through the university lens.

To address these issues, the Marshall School of Business has created an exciting summer program. The aim of the program is to provide students with theoretical as well as practical experiences working and navigating within the international global environment.  Currently we have programs in London, Madrid, Dublin, and our New location: Sydney, Australia.

This is a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience in an international setting. The program is open to all USC students who will have completed 32 units by January 1, 2011 (16 of those units MUST have been completed at USC), from any discipline, who are interested in perfecting their leadership abilities within an international environment. (Freshmen who have entered USC with AP, IB or other units are welcome to apply as long as they have 32 total units by January 1, 2011.)

All applicants must have a minimum 2.75 (overall and within your major) GPA. The program in  Madrid  has a language requirement, so please be sure to check the website for the spcific requirements. If you wish to apply for more than one location, you MUST submit a separate application for each location.

We were able to provide students with almost $75,000 in support during the summer of 2010. Our goal is to provide a similar amount of financial support for Summer 2011.

Please note:

The economic downturn in the financial and business sectors in the US are affecting Europe as well. As such, students need to be aware that even though we will guarantee internships for this program, you will need to temper your expectations as the work-load may be less than you anticipate. This program is best when used as your first internship, not as your third or fourth.

For more information on a specific program, as well as an application, please select from the list of locations below.

Dublin, Ireland

London, England

Madrid, Spain

Sydney, Australia