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Marshall School of Business International Business Program

Ranked 8th in the World by the Financial Times
Ranked in the Top-5 Undergraduate International Business Programs in the US by US News and World Report

Many scholars, policy makers and business leaders argue that now, more than ever, given the globalizing trends, advances in communications, and rapidly growing economies in Asia-Pacific, Latin-America, and Europe, learning about other cultures is vital to be successful within the business arena. The ability to understand how businesses work across cultures, as well as a keen understanding of those cultures, is often cited as a key competency that is sought in potential employees. And with less than one-percent of U.S. university and college students participating in "study abroad" programs each year, it is a skill that is in great demand.

USC and the Marshall School of Business are committed to provide students with several opportunities to increase your international learning and exposure through foreign exchange programs, summer-internship program, short-term experiential programs, course work, and involvement.