University of Southern California

Campus Life

Residential Tuition: $9,500
(Includes program tuition, on-campus lodging and on-campus meal plan)

Commuter Tuition: $7,500
(Includes only program tuition and on-campus lunch)

On-campus Lodging

Tuition includes on-campus dorm-style living arrangements. You will be placed in USC's undergraduate dorms that are conveniently located right on campus.

On-campus Meal Plan

Tuition includes on-campus residential meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
There are also many restaurants and cafes located on campus or next to campus on Figueroa Street (right by campus). Click the following link for the most recent, updated information:


Most activities during the 4 week Summer Business Program take place on campus and do not require any transportation. There will also be planned company site-visits that will be pre-organized for the group.

However, if during free time there is a need to get around campus or Los Angeles here is a guide to help guide you: