University of Southern California

Wesley Newhouse
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
Boston College
Mill Valley, CA

Previous Industry/Function: Digital Marketing
Intended Industry/Function: Technology / Media

Why did you choose Marshall?

I was drawn to USC Marshall for its size, location, top tier faculty, and its well-rounded students. When I visited, it felt right.

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

How the majority of career services and professors have experience at universities but also in the business world.

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:

Strategy or Operations

Favorite USC Marshall experience:

Interactions with Professor Beatty in Accounting class. When in doubt, debit cash. Wait, credit.

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

What economies of scale actually means.

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • Ambassadors
  • High Technology Association
  • Graduate Marketing Association
  • Challenge For Charity
  • Marshall Sports Business Organization
  • Outdoors Club