University of Southern California

Steven Lowe
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
Brigham Young University
Orem, UT

Previous Industry/Function: Technology / Consulting
Intended Industry/Function: Finance / Banking

Why did you choose Marshall?

I visited many different business schools, and the culture, as well as the high-caliber of students at Marshall stood out to me. Marshall is very entrepreneurial and team oriented and this creates a very dynamic and collaborative learning atmosphere. The students are a very tight-knit group, and it's now obvious to me why the Trojan network is so strong.

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

Definitely how eager the second-year students, as well as the alumni, are to help. I knew coming in that USC is known for its networking and great alumni base, but I had no idea how easy it would be to get responses back from alumni who are totally open and willing to support.

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:


Favorite USC Marshall experience:

The business case competition during orientation week. We finished orientation week with a blitz-style case competition among our newly formed study teams. It consisted of an intense late night strategy session coupled with early morning preparation the next day for our case presentations. It was a great way to get to know my new team better and kick off the year.

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

As a career switcher, I definitely wish I had started the program with a more clear post MBA career goal. Career prep and planning starts on day one, and if you have a good idea of what you want to do after the program, it makes it a lot easier to hit the ground running.

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • American Finance Association
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Management Association
  • Golf Club