University of Southern California

Jin (Flora) Zhu
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
East China Normal University
Shanghai, China

Previous Industry/Function: Food & Beverage / Brand Marketing
Intended Industry/Function: Consumer Products / Strategy & Business Development

Why did you choose Marshall?

Business school is one of most critical investments you can make so choose the best fit! As a brand marketing practitioner with years of experience working in multinational companies, I look forward to gaining business savvy with a true entrepreneur mindset to drive growth in global landscape. Marshall represents many of the best west coast entrepreneur initiatives with unique global proposition of both academics and network. It is the best platform to make education turn out to be your biggest assets for future career.

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

The Trojan spirit is educated across generations and has become the tradition of Marshall. I have been introduced to recruiters at social events by classmates and it is never a problem to get to know someone in your target company from second year and alumni. It's especially important for international students who need to set up a brand new network here. We fight on as one team!

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:

Contemporary Issues in Competitive Strategy

Favorite USC Marshall experience:

Tailgates and football!

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

Spend a couple of weeks on Accounting and Finance basics and get prepared when you meet those fantastic professors.

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • Challenge for Charity (C4C)
  • Marshall Consulting & Strategy Club
  • Graduate Marketing Association
  • Business of Entertainment Association
  • Healthcare Leadership Association
  • American Finance Association
  • Leadership and Organization Club
  • Marshall Eatz