University of Southern California

Daniel Bernbach
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
Indiana University
Waltham, MA

Previous Industry/Function: Hospitality / Cruise Director
Intended Industry/Function: Consulting / Strategy

Why did you choose Marshall?

At first, I chose Marshall due to its proximity to the entertainment industry and the "Trojan Network". However, after visiting classes and meeting people in the program, I realized that Marshall offered a lot more. Obviously the coursework was going to be challenging but it was the cooperative atmosphere that existed among the students. You could tell that the students were competing with each other but they still wanted each other to succeed. That "co-opetition" put Marshall ahead of other MBA programs.

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

What surprised me most about Marshall is the diversity of my classmates. I have classmates from all over the world, from every industry and from every function. This extensive knowledge base not only adds to our dynamic case-based classroom discussions but also provides information and a contact into companies that I might want to work for in the future.

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:


Favorite USC Marshall experience:

My favorite Marshall experience was during Orientation at the Closing Dinner. After what can only be described as an overwhelming and incredibly busy week, the marching band came in to play for us at the dinner as a special surprise. It was then singing the fight song with my fellow classmates and faculty that I felt like a Trojan. Fight on!

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

I wish that I did more research on future functions and industries. As a career switcher, the more preparation and research people do about what they want to do after business school, the more focused people will be at business school. I easily caught up but it would make the first semester slightly less stressful. And anything you can do to minimize stress during the Core semester the better it will be!

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • Marshall Consulting and Strategy Club (Leadership Team)
  • Business in Entertainment Association (Board)
  • Challenge for Charity (A Better LA Board)
  • Marshall Eatz