University of Southern California

Anirudh Surange
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Graduating Year
Undergraduate School
SASTRA University
Lucknow, India

Previous Industry/Function: Consulting / High Tech Operations
Intended Industry/Function: High Tech Product Management

Why did you choose Marshall?

I chose Marshall because of its strong network or Trojan Family as we like to call it. Another reason to choose Marshall was because of its location and closeness to Silicon Valley, where my post MBA interests lie. Apart from that who would hate having sunshine for almost 250 days a year!!

What surprised you the most about Marshall?

Actually every school would say they have a very strong collaborative community, but I can tell you for sure that at Marshall, people do really look out for each other: not only the students but the professors as well. Professors dedicate time not only through office hours but by conducting review sessions on weekends as well. Apart from this we always have our wonderful classmates who are there to help and support through all the 3Cs.

Favorite USC Marshall Core Class:

Managerial Statistics & Operations Management

Favorite USC Marshall experience:

By far the Teamwork At Marshall or TAM as well call it, was the most memorable experience. It was a fun filled event with a hint of competition. And we won!! Core A rocks!!

What you wish you knew before attending business school?

I wish I had taken some time off before starting. As soon as the orientation begins is where the rubber meets the road and all the networking events, core classes and cultural events start, and there is no time to relax. So I suggest taking a fortnight of time off before college, if I could go back in time I would definitely do that.

Which clubs are you involved in?

  • High Tech Association
  • Graduate Marketing Association
  • Marshall Consulting & Strategy Club
  • South Asian Business Association
  • Challenge for Charity (Board)
  • Marshall Youth Outreach
  • International TaskForce
  • Marshall Eatz
  • Marshall Soccer Club