University of Southern California


Can I start the program in January?

No. Applicants must begin the program in August.

Is there a GPA minimum for admittance?

No, but a 3.5 undergraduate GPA is recommended. International transcripts must be translated.

Are MSEI classes taken with other Marshall graduate students?

Yes, all classes are taken with Marshall MBAs and other graduate students.

Can I skip a semester if work gets too busy?


Can I apply to multiple graduate programs including the MSEI?


I am an international student with a high level of English proficiency. Can the proficiency test requirement be waived?

Please review the MSEI admission page and USC’s English proficiency requirements carefully. All applicants must adhere to these requirements.

I am a current USC undergrad. Can I start the MSEI as a progressive degree?

No, the MSEI is not offered as a progressive degree.

I completed my MBA at USC with some of the required classes. May I apply those credits to the MSEI as a second master's degree?"

If the MBA was completed first, you may substitute up to 4 units.

I am currently enrolled as a graduate student (MBA, other Marshall graduate degree, or elsewhere at USC). May I use classes in my program toward the MSEI?

Please consult the MSEI advisor.

I’m a current USC student. Do I need to create a new application online?

Yes, you need to create a new profile, password, and application under the Marshall instance of the online admissions system ( Much of the required information is the same, so you may find it easier to open two browsers and copy/paste information from your original USC application into the Marshall application.

  • In the "Application Information" section, complete the current student waiver questions to avoid an application fee.
  • In the "Academic Background" section don't forget to add your current USC degree program to your education history.
  • Yes, the "essay/additional information" questions (see Downloadable Forms) are required.

Is financial aid available for this degree?

Yes! U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens can receive financial aid. Please visit the USC Financial Aid Website for details on how to apply and the types of aid available to you as a USC graduate student.

Where can I find information about the tuition and fees?

You can find current USC tuition and fee information the USC Office of Financial Aid . You can also find information regarding costs through the course catalog here. Please note, tuition rates increase annually. For information about receiving financial aid, please visit the USC Office of Financial Aid.