University of Southern California

The Learning Experience

“…they constantly bring in speakers to teach the class and talk about their experience. And not just any speakers – we’ll have venture capitalists; we’ll have people who have sold their company for over $100 million.”
- Barney Santos

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The MSEI curriculum consists of 26 units composed of five required courses and four elective courses. All courses are taught on the University of Southern California campus by the Marshall School of Business faculty-award-winning teachers, scholars and practitioners.

The MSEI can be completed in one year on a full-time basis or over two years on a part-time basis. International students must be enrolled in at least 8 units per semester, excluding their last semester in the program, in order to not violate their immigration status in the country. Many classes are offered at night to accommodate the needs of working professionals, with some courses available during the day.

Required Courses
BAEP-549 The Entrepreneurial Journey 2
BAEP 556
Cases in Feasibility Analysis or
Technology Feasibility
BAEP-554 Venture Initiation 3
BAEP-563 Corporate Entrepreneurship 3
MKT-525 Consumer Behavior 3
MOR-554 Leading Innovation and Change 3
Elective Courses Units
Select 12 units from the following:
BAEP-553 Cases in New Venture Management 3
BAEP-557 Technology Commercialization 3
BAEP-558 The Entrepreneurial Advisor: Problem Solving for Early-Stage Companies 3
BAEP-559 Investing in New Ventures 3
BAEP-591 Social Entrepreneurship 3
DSO-547 Designing Spreadsheet Based Models 3
ISE-545 Technology Development and Implementation 3
ISE-555 Invention and Technology Development 3
MKT-528 Sales Management: The Art and Science of Sales 3
MKT-530 New Product Development 3
MOR-565 Alliances and Corporate Strategy 3
MOR-567 Interpersonal Influence and Power 3
MOR-570 Leading Effective Teams 3