University of Southern California

Video Profiles

Career Services

"The Career Services office helped me find my path and arrive at where I wanted to be."
Aaron Chaum (2014)

Los Angeles

"LA attracts a very diverse population."
Amanda Yodowitz (2014)


"I’m surprised and astounded every day by the types of strong relationships that I’ve made here at Marshall."
Aaron May (2015)

The Trojan Family

"I think Trojans consider other Trojans as family."
Steve Schlesak (2015)

Case Competitions

"Marshall’s case competition program actually prepared me for each of the different roles that I have served in, whether it be in marketing or whether it be in consulting."
Angela Chang (2014)

The Faculty

"The professors really do try to get to know the students and engage them."
Amy Shah Patel (2015)


"PRIME is one of those foundational and very influential trips that you’ll take in your life."
Marcus Sun (2014)

The Trojan Network

"Multiple alumni have been more than willing to pick up the phone and talk to me or meet me for lunch or breakfast."
Steven Lowe (2015)

The Three Cs

"Marshall empowers you with Three Cs: Career, Curriculum, and Community. I think by focusing on that when you first get here allows you have a broader experience, and allows you to really have something that’s tangible once you graduate."
Brandon Smith (2014)


"At the end of the day, what I think makes Marshall really different is that we’re both cooperative, and competitive. We know how to work together as a team."
Vanessa Wong (2014)

Collaborative Nature

"One thing that was emphasized to me when I was looking at schools was the strong collaborative nature of the program. One of my professors said it best: we go to market together."
Stephanie Puentes (2015)