University of Southern California

Video Profiles

Trojan Family

"Working together, collaborating, is what the Trojan brand is all about. It's what the network is all about."
Andrew Devine (2016)

Case Competitions

"Marshall's preparation for casing and for case competitions is, as far as I have seen, unmatched."
Nedah Zamani (2016)


"It's truly unbelievable how much everyone who goes to this school loves this school, stays involved with this school, and wants to help others who go to this school."
Annalise Rodli (2016)


"I'm always so surprised by how passionate [the faculty] are. It doesn't feel like they're here to do a job – they're here because they care about their topic, they're passionate about it."
Ryan Kuo (2016)


"I think the best part about this MBA Program is how collaborative and competitive it is. You're constantly challenging each other to be better but you're also helping each other to be better."
Ami Doshi (2016)

Los Angeles

"…People are realizing that there's a big growth opportunity in the City of LA – there's money flowing, there's entrepreneurial people, and there's talent here – and that's why people are moving here."
Adam Stout (2016)

Career Services

"The career development resources at Marshall are top notch. From the day we start in orientation we are asked to…fill out a total career development plan."
Rachel Lowenstein (2016)


"Coming to Marshall I knew there were 'Three C's' that were huge components of the program here, and those three are Community, Curriculum and Career."
Huber Bongolan (2016)


"…It's such a broad spectrum of backgrounds in the classroom here. Not only professionally but culturally – and when you have all of those ingredients, it makes for a really dynamic and rich classroom discussion."
Brady Sanchez (2016)