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The IBEAR MBA curriculum comprises 19 credit courses delivered over its August Transition Program and five 8-week terms. 16 of the19 courses are mandatory core courses required of all participants. These impart a strong grounding in the basics of management & business strategy. Designed as fundamental course work for global managers, these courses prepare our participants for leadership positions across professions. A 4+ month experiential learning management consulting program is a key part of the program. Considered the capstone experience of the IBEAR MBA program, IBCP or International Business Consulting Project teaches rigorous, fact-based business problem-solving and critical thinking techniques through a real world client commissioned consulting engagement that requires international travel.

3 IBEAR courses are optional and can be replaced by MBA electives of the participant's choice. Electives are taken with students in other Marshall MBA programs such as the 2 Year MBA or MBA.PM programs.

A distinguishing feature of the IBEAR MBA program is that it is largely "lock-step" in that participants study together throughout the year. You can take all 19 courses within IBEAR or you can take up to three MBA electives outside of those offered by IBEAR to emphasize an area of personal interest.

IBEAR XXXVII, 2014-2015

Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Orientation (July 28 - August 3) See grid
Attendance is mandatory for all IBEAR participants
Term 1 (August 4 - October 10) 15 units
GSBA 523 15684 Communication for Management (3) Aritz See grid
GSBA 510 15580 Accounting Concepts & Financial Reporting (3) Lin MW AM
GSBA 511 15592 Microeconomics for Management (3) Cunningham MW PM
GSBA 529 15730 Strategic Formulation for Competitive Advantage (3) Blumenthal TTH AM
GSBA 524 15704 Data and Decision Models (3) Ansari TTH PM
Mandatory Class Trip - Yangon, Myanmar (Oct 10-21)
Term 2 (October 20 - December 17) 12 units
MOR 542 16693 Strategic Issues for Global Business Voigt MW AM
GSBA 548 15836 Corporate Finance (3) Levitin MW PM
GSBA 534 15785 Operations Management (3) Yormark TTH AM
GSBA 528 15723 Marketing Management (3) Schorr TTH PM
Term 3 (January 12 - March 13) 12 units
GSBA 543 15666 Managerial Perspectives (Leadership) (3) Voigt MW AM
IOM 551 16284 Digital Transformation in the Global Enterprise (3)* Kim MW PM
FBE 563 15455 International Trade and Finance (3)* Quadrini TTH AM
MOR 569 16697 Negotiation and Deal Making (3) TBA TTH PM
GSBA 549 15843 The Firm in the National & International Economy (3)* Ibrahimi TBD
IBCP Preparation Week (March 9 - March 13)
Term 4 (March 23 - May 8) 9 units
MKT 530 New Product Development (3)* Badame MW AM
GSBA 584A 16058 International Business Consulting Project (IBCP) (3) MW PM
BAEP 551 14429 Introduction to New Ventures (3)* Dann/Mednick TTH AM
MKT 565 16558 Global Marketing (Branding) (3)* CW Park TTH PM
IBCP research/fieldwork (May 11 - May 24)
Term 5 (May 25 - July 15) 8 units
GSBA 584B 16059 International Business Consulting Project (2) MW AM
FBE 529 Financial Analysis and Valuation (3) TBA TTH AM
FBE 563 Forcasting and Risk Analysis (3)* Safarzadeh TTH PM
IOM 528 16272 Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining (3)* Ansari TTH PM
Graduation Day - July 17, 2015

IBEAR participants may replace a maximum of three (3) IBEAR optional courses during IBEAR Terms 3 thru 5. IBEAR optional courses are designated by a star (*) in the schedule above.  A starred course must be replaced by a Marshall MBA elective course during the semester in which it is offered. Two electives can be replaced in the Spring and one in the Summer.

9/17/14: Tentative and subject to change