University of Southern California

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Thanks for your interest in the Global Executive MBA in Shanghai. Please read the information below to understand how you may join this life-changing program.

Admission Requirements

We admit candidates based on their work experience, academic background, interview, letters of recommendation and essays. We require:

  • Ten years' full-time working experience, including six years management experience;
  • Ability to participate dynamically in a 100% English-language learning environment;
  • A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution;
  • The understanding and support of your employer and/or family. The GEMBA program requires a substantial time commitment.


US $103,000 covers all course materials; most meals during the class sessions; lodging, ground transportation and most meals for our three overseas trips; and the inauguration session of Theme 1, held at a five-star hotel in the suburbs of Shanghai. Transportation to/from the destinations where GEMBA is held, and lodging in Shanghai for those who require it, is not covered.