University of Southern California

Preparing Food Industry Leaders

The Food Industry Management Program at USC is designed exclusively for high-potential individuals of proven ability.

Individuals have the choice of participating in either the semester-long Spring program, or in the four-day Executive Program offered each year.

The curriculum integrates the functional areas of business with cutting-edge theory and practical application to help students understand how all of the pieces of an organization fit together and work dynamically.

Program participants come to USC from a diverse array of food industry retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and supplier companies around the world.

Participants come from positions in operations, sales, marketing, corporate headquarters, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.

The faculty has extensive academic, business and consulting experience. They have taught food industry executives and managers from around the world, and their consulting activities include food industry retailing, manufacturing and supplier companies, as well as other Fortune 100 and small entrepreneurial companies.

The Food Industry Management Program’s worldwide reputation is the result of its commitment to providing its participants with the most relevant and rewarding developmental experience of their professional careers.

Developing Your Management Team

The Marshall School of Business invites your company to participate in its world-class Food Industry Management Program to help develop your management team. This fast-paced, intensive Program is designed to develop effective, forward-thinking managers by developing analytical tools, general management skills, leadership abilities, and communication expertise.

We encourage students from both retail and non-retail food companies to attend. The dynamics of the Program necessitate that our students spend a significant portion of their time working together in various groups. It is this continuous interaction and teamwork among students from diverse backgrounds within the food industry that both broadens and adds depth to the educational experience.