University of Southern California

Recent Faculty Publications

Property Rights Protection, Information Acquisition, and Asset Prices: Theory and Evidence 2013
The Effect of Mandatory CSR Disclosure on Firm Value: Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in China 2013
On the Dynamic Control of Matching Queues 2013
On Transitory Queueing 2013
The \Delta_(i)/GI/1 Queueing Model, and its Fluid and Diffusion Limits 2013
It's All About All of Us: The Rise of Global Narcissism and Its Implications for Management Control System Research 2013
Seeking Legitimacy Through CSR Reporting: Evidence From China 2013
Star Analysts’ Rankings and Strategic Announcements: The Case of Battleground Stocks 2013
Elite-Driven Community Collective Action and the Issues of Currency Substitutes in the Panic of 1907 2013